• December 5, 2023

Guide to the mode with Sturmtiger. Tasks, awards and performance characteristics of equipment

Killer arts in WoT. We show and tell you how to play in the new event “Tame the sneaking Sturmtiger.”

Tame a sneaking Sturmtiger

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and a new mode in which all players will be given a unique car – Sturmpanzer VI Sturmtiger… The celebration of the tenth anniversary of World of Tanks continues, and in this act in the “Recall All” heading, the developers decided to add some variety.

general information

June 17 at 7.00 Moscow time each player will be credited Sturmtiger for the period of active phase 3 of Act “Rubicon”:

By the way, this technique has been in the game for a long time, but only the veterans of the game who remember the Severogorsk map knew about it. In one of the hangars Sturmpanzer VI Sturmtiger peered out from behind the door into a small crack.

The Sturmtiger is a historic vehicle that was produced in limited quantities. Therefore in period from 2014-2015 the developers considered introducing it into the game, but could not find a harmonious approach to preserve the historicity of the technique and not upset the balance in the game.

But for a special mode, they still prepared performance characteristics Sturmpanzer VI Sturmtiger and gave him level 10.

TTX Sturmtiger


Firepower stormtigerRocket 380 mm bomb launcher will become the guarantor of impressive power. As you can see, the one-time damage is incredibly large, while literally sniper accuracy. Please note that there are two types of projectiles that differ not only in alpha, but also in flight speed… By the way, he is very low here, watch the comparison in the video:

Have cumulative higher one-time damage and penetration, but noticeably lower flight speed. It is best to use this type of projectile at close range or at immobilized enemies.

Land mines fly faster, but less damage and penetration. The dispersion of shell fragments is 30 meters, therefore, using these shells, you can immobilize the enemy and simply have a higher chance of getting at a distance.


survivability stormtigerHit Points corresponds to high damage – 10,000, so no one will get one-shot for sure. At the same time, the frontal armor is 150 mm, so the land mines will definitely not pass with full damage.


Sturmtiger mobilityHigh power density provides high top speedso we will have mini-races to some extent.

How to Play Tame the Creeping Assault

In this event, it will not be possible to farm silver, since the developers have introduced “Zero economy”, but it will not be spent either. At the same time, there is no crew, equipment or instructions cannot be installed, so all players will be on equal terms.

You can take part in the mode only on Sturmtigre, and I will go through the battles in a 10 by 10 format.

To participate, just choose in the Garage Sturmpanzer VI Sturmtiger and press the “Battle!” button. If you are unable to enter the battle on Sturmtigre, please note that entering the mode is limited in time on certain servers (see the beginning of the article). For the duration of the event, a separate queue is formed on each of the servers.How to go into battle on Sturmtiger

The battles will take place on 5 cards:

To win, as in random battles, you need to destroy the entire enemy team or capture the base. But total fight time reduced to 5 minutesso the mode will be fun and fast. Allied fire disabled… You can also go into battle in a platoon of 2 or 3 people.

Combat missions and awards

In this mode, you can farm commemorative coins in order to buy something interesting later in the anniversary store. For each hit Sturmtiger give 1 coin each and further one hundred for doing combat missions:

Additional rewards are also provided:Rewards for Tame the Crouching Sturmtiger

Learn more about the tasks and updates of the Anniversary Store in the 3rd Act

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