• March 4, 2024

Hidden Locations in Control AWE

The Control AWE expansion will not be complete without exploring some secret areas. Finding them allows you to earn skill points, get modifications for Service Weapons or Jesse’s supernatural abilities, and unlock achievements and trophies. In this guide, we will take a look at the location of five hidden locations.

Abandoned offices

Find the sign at the top that says “Storage and Handling” and turn left. After reaching the office, go inside and look for the gray wall to your right. You will know that you have found the right place by the illuminated filing cabinet. Now you need to use the melee ability to destroy the wall. It will take a couple of tries, after which a huge hole will open in it, giving access to the hidden area. Once inside, you will receive rewards and will be able to water the plant by completing one of Ahti’s “cleaner” side missions.


The next hidden location is in the Observation Deck area. To get to the Lower Access, you need to go down the elevator shaft. But the path to the hidden area is located a little to the left, behind several boxes. There is an elevator shaft, jumping into it will take you to the right place.

Bottom access

Go from the bottom access control point to the turntable room. Jump down, after which you have to deal with the appeared enemies – the Isses. Next, enter the door that says “Bridge Operator”. If there are clots of Darkness on the floor, then you are heading along the right path. This door leads to the Displaced Offices area. Instead of going straight, turn around and take off towards the small stairs at the top. There you will see a golden box that will reveal a secret location in this area.

Eagle Limited AWE

From the Eagle Limited AWE Entry Control Point, go to another room with a turntable. The Isss will immediately attack you. After you kill all enemies, stand facing the turntable so that the carriage on the rails is on your right. Then you need to jump down and turn around to the wall behind. This wall is destructible, behind it is a dark passage. Grab the light on the right before jumping off as it will come in handy to reveal a secret area.

Transit compartment

The last hidden location is on the way to this checkpoint. From the Eagle Limited AWE room, descend into the Displaced Passages. As you enter the office to your left, avoid the Astral Spikes. Drive forward and jump off to dodge if they come back to you. Then push the straight wall and go inside. This will be followed by a journey on the platform up through the displaced landscape, until you get to a room with a box of modifications. You can also turn on the radio here containing a musical surprise and break another wall to find another secret location where the clock puzzle is located.

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