• October 3, 2023

High Elves guide

The High Elves are one of the most interesting races featured in Warhammer. In the right hands, they can be the strongest faction in the game. True, you need to know game mechanics and unit abilities to get a significant advantage.

The following 10 tips will help players improve their tactical combat skills as well as better understand Warhammer’s gameplay.

Kane’s sword wielding

This sword is initially available to only elves… The main thing is that the weapon does not fall into the hands of the enemy. To open the item, you will need to capture the settlement of the same name “Shrine of Kane”, which is located in the north of Ultan. Next, you need to build a building “Temple of Kane”… When the construction is completed, it will be possible to transfer weapons to one of their commanders.

Kane's sword wielding

The sword fits best Tyrion… The very ability of the deadly whirlwind and the characteristics of this lord can greatly facilitate the game. But it is worth remembering: when of death of the commander-in-chief in battle, the sword goes to the lord of another faction. So you should always consider your capabilities when going to the enemy. Do not rush into battle without self-confidence.

Using decoy units

Basically, the entire tactic of playing as High Elves is based on using Lothern Marine Guard… There are two varieties: with or without a shield. They are often hired without a shield to use as bait. The whole point is uniqueness of data units… In addition to the bow, the Lothern Sea Guard has spears in its arsenal. This allows her to make both an effective ranged attack on the enemy, and to defend a little during prolonged melee combat. These units are especially effective against cavalry and monsters.

Using decoy units

Because of their abilities, the Marine Guard is often featured in the front ranks. It turns out a kind of “irritant” for the enemy troops, because you need to react to a remote attack somehow. This is where a certain tactical trap appears. the enemy will immediately go into close combat, but will surely get bogged down in it for a while. The Lothern Marine Guard has a low health indicator, but with the correct execution of this maneuver, this is not so important. The main thing – slow down enemy army… Make you waste time on unnecessary units.

And then it’s a matter of technology. You can simply fire at the enemy lines. Or, conversely, strike from the flanks.

Elven Artillery – Eagle Claw

Elven Artillery - Eagle Claw

The most worst (in terms of damage) artillery in Warhammer. But it has two advantages. If you use them correctly, you can compensate for a small amount of damage:

  1. Shoots farther than the Dark Elven Reaper. It’s just slight advantage
  2. Ability to fire buckshot. This feature allows you to inflict damage on many opponents, which is good against infantry units and even enemy artillery.

It is worth remembering, however, that High Elven troops have low health. So you have to come up with various maneuvers to successfully carry out an attack.

Eagle Claw – Weak units. Only because of the shooting with buckshot are often used by players to hold back the onslaught of the opponent. Artillery is best paired with the Lothern Marine Guard. So it will be much more effective to fight against the conditional cavalry.

Eternal Imvrat (Star Dragon)

It becomes available in the later stages of the game. Possesses weighty advantage against big opponents, It also has the ability “wild rage”. It significantly increases the damage done. The Eternal Imvrat is the best star dragon among all factions, because surpasses the rest in many respects.

Eternal Imvrat (Star Dragon)

It is recommended to include at least two such dragons in the army. This will allow you to cope much better in close combat with the enemy army. So this is serious gain… Especially for the High Elves, who are renowned only for their ranged combat.

Defensive strategy

Defensive strategy

Most suitable when playing for this race. High Elven troops are not suited to melee combat, have low health and a poor replenishment rate.

Therefore, it is better to keep the enemy at a long distance.

Constantly bombarding with archers and artillery is also not always possible. For this reason, you need to take the first tip as quickly as possible: acquire Kane’s sword. So, sending Tyrion to smash the enemy ranks, you can buy time for maneuvers.

Early game

The most important point in playing High Elves is to start land expansion as fast as possible. The faction has some of the best units at the early stage of the game, so this advantage must be taken advantage of. The Lothern Sea Guard is second to none. White Lions are also pretty good to start with.

Early stage of the game

It should be borne in mind that the High Elves will have a difficult time at the end of the game. Enemy units from other factions are getting much better. The situation in the later stages is stabilized only by dragons and a strong economy.

Therefore, you need to quickly expand your holdings at the very beginning.

The main enemies are the Dark Elves and the Vampire Coast

The main enemies are the Dark Elves and the Vampire Coast

The Dark Elves and Vampire Coast are the two factions that must be destroyed first. They pose the greatest danger in the later stages of the game. It is also worth keeping in mind some of the mechanics in the game. Choosing Tyrion, the player automatically fights with the Vampire Coast. Their faction must be destroyed before they become a threat in the future.

Surrender of allied cities

Surrender of allied cities

Sometimes it is profitable to surrender the allied cities of Ulthuan to the enemy in order to capture them later. Attacking a weakened enemy after a siege is much easier than defending your own city from a prepared army.

The main thing is to observe the measure. Do not allow the enemy to capture all neighboring cities and quickly expand their influence in the region.

Because of this, on the contrary, in the future there will be less chances of defeating the enemy faction. Better to keep a close eye on the situation: control every movement of the enemy. Then it will be possible to draw up a war strategy for competent expansion, or strike an unexpected blow on the enemy’s cities.

Trade, defensive or military alliance?

Trade, defensive or military alliance?

This advice is appropriate if the allied High Elves factions successfully fight enemies. In Warhammer, there is a slightly obscure point in the mechanics associated with the military alliance. When the player enters into it with other High Elves, then for some reason they slow down in the unification of all factions. This can slow down the development of the race, so in practice it is better to conclude only trade and defensive alliances.

Thus, allied cities will be able to develop faster.


Do not rush to colonize lands outside Altuan. In some situations, this may even be pointless. A lot the best solution will focus on building up military power in order to carry out all the rituals and gain control over the whirlwind without any problems in the future. Extra cities in this case will only become a burden, because the ritual will be interrupted if one of them is lost. Moreover, it is worth preparing for the invasion of the Forces of Chaos. Should place a large garrison in all border towns.


Plus, it’s better to wait for the later stages of the game, when there will be a minimum of factions left in other territories. This tip is especially suitable for multiplayer play. Since it is easier to defend against one or two opponents than against a dozen enemy armies. And the very number of armies sent to interrupt the ritual will be small. Still, opponents will concentrate all the Lords together, which means that it will become easier to track each of them.

battle in Total War: Warhammer II

These 10 tips are very useful for both novice players and experienced gamers. The most important thing is to practice! And then an understanding of all the intricacies of playing for the High Elves will certainly come.

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