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History of Dragons in Skyrim | top 10 secrets

Dragons are a key part of The Elder Scrolls V, but players don’t yet know all about these creatures. Even many years after the release, dark spots remain that require detailed study. We share with you some of them.

Dragons were mentioned in previous games of the series, but in Skyrim they became not only antagonists, but also sources of power for the Screams of the Dragonborn. Despite the presence of Word Walls and Dragon Priests in the game, their story is still not fully revealed.

Some questions are answered in a random tome in the house of some vagabond from the vastness of Skyrim. At the same time, there remain hypotheses that generate conjectures and guesses.

How did these powerful creatures die out?

Skyrim why dragons died out

The first thing players learn about is the power of the winged creatures. What is it worth Alduin’s single attack razed Helgen to the ground at the beginning of the game. Although he is the most powerful Dova, dragons of lower rank are able to cope with the army alone.

Based on this information, and taking into account that there were not so many Dovakins, it remains unclear how and why these powerful creatures were defeated.

Why is there only one Bone Dragon in the game?

Skyrim bone dragon

One of the quest chains of the College of Winterhold leads to Labyrinthian, which tells the story of Savos Arena about how his search led to parting with friends and death. After entering the dungeon a resurrected dragon attacks the player.

Not a full-fledged Dova (only a skeleton), but you have to fight with him indoors. It looks like he was not resurrected by Alduin. Since many dragon graves are scattered across Skyrim, it remains unclear why is there only one skeleton dragon.

Why are serpentine dragons so different from others?

Skyrim serpentine dragon

The Dragonborn add-on brought a lot of strange creatures to the game, some migrated straight from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. For instance, serpent dragon Sarotar, which is found on the island of Solstheim when the player reaches level 50.

The dragon has a pale blue color, an elongated skull, smooth skin, a huge lower jaw, and a massive ridge stretches along its back. Outwardly, it looks like a snake that Nazgul flies on in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

If serpent dragons are home to Morrowind, it turns out that there are even more unknown dragon breeds in Tamriel.

Are they really Akatosh’s children?

Skyrim Akatosh

It is considered that Alduin, Akatosh’s firstborn, the dragon god of time, but there are several problems with this statement.

  • At first, no unified version of Akatosh: Each race of Tamriel depicts and names it differently and has its own idea of ​​the Pantheon and Daedric princes.
  • Secondly, Alduin is more like dragon gods caught up in the flow of time. (for he himself personifies the end of times), which makes him related to the original et’Ada, which existed before the formation of Mundus.

The in-game book “The Alduin-Akatosh Dichotomy” (orig. The Alduin / Akatosh Dichotomy) speaks in favor of the hypothesis. It says that the name “Alduin” – Nordic form of the name “Akatosh”, it follows that Alduin is Akatosh. It’s just that the Nords imagine the dragon god of time as an incinerating whirlwind, designed to destroy the world, from the ruins of which a new one will be born. Hence the middle name – the World Eater.

However, in the battle at the top of the Throat of the World, Alduin claims to be Akatosh’s firstborn. The plot inconsistency or so it was conceived by the developers, one can only guess.

Where is Numinex’s body?

Skyrim Numinex

This is not a question about an incident in Dragon’s Reach from a hundred years before the events of the game. Olaf One-Eye captured and killed Numinex. The dragon’s head flaunts over the jarl’s throne as a sign of domination over Dova. But nowhere is there a skeleton of the torso.

Maybe, was buried somewhere in the vastness of Skyrim and Alduin tried to resurrect him. But in the absence of a head, nothing came of it.

Can Alduin resurrect the dragon that Dovahkiin put on the armor?

Skyrim dragon armor

One of the coolest things the player does with the remains of slain dragons is transform into a powerful weapon or armor. If you catch the World Eater over the dragon burial, you can understand that all the bones of Dov are required to return to life.

The protagonist of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim may be the only one who thinks about it, but it’s still interesting, how far Alduin’s Reanimation Tu’um can go.

Why does Alduin enslave humans?

Skyrim Alduin

Murals in dungeons (like Alduin’s Wall, for example) depict scenes enslavement of the human race by the World Eater followed by exile with the help of the Elder Scroll. Although he draws strength from the souls of Sovngarde, the question arises: why people?

Elves, for example, are superior to humans in a number of ways: they live longer, have greater magical potential and are not inclined to harbor malice. While hthe human race has a tendency to rebel against its overlords.

Considering the above, it was wiser to subdue the elves.

Why are Dova buried in shallow graves?

Due to the shallow depth of the burial Alduin had no difficulty in resurrecting his kin. A hint of the incompetence of those who buried. The very fact of burial is also a dubious procedure, because the strongest armor is made from bones and scales.

Why can only Alduin resurrect dragons?

The Tu’ums were invented by Dova, so it is not surprising that they use shouts in battle and outside it most skillfully. Wherein, The World Eater is the only one who uses SLEN TID VO to bring a relative back to life.

If he taught his fellows (for example, the same Odaving), the fight of Dovahkiin with winged creatures would be even more fierce.

Why is Alduin so unique?

There are many powerful dragons in Tamriel, but Alduin is on a completely different level and can even voluntarily travel to and from Sovngardewhich is no small feat.

It boils down to a unique role in the universe, but there is no definitive answer as to why Alduin is so much more powerful than any other dragon. Even his deputy in the team and younger brother Paarthurnax cannot come close to Alduin’s power.

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