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How do Hollywood stars celebrate the New Year?

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It seems to many of us that the best actors in the world spend New Years and Christmas in exceptionally exotic ways. This is partly true – Hollywood stars have enough funds to afford any celebration… However, as practice shows, not everyone wants to reinvent the wheel; many actors spend winter celebrations in a very trivial way.

The reasons for this behavior of celebrities are obvious: Christmas is, first of all, a family holiday and only a few decide to leave their relatives for the sake of dubious entertainment. Hollywood actors are people just like us, but sometimes they can really surprise.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson.  Jumanji

The famous actor continues to confirm the fame of one of the kindest and most generous people in Hollywood. He always remembers his family, and before Christmas trying on the image of a real Santa Claus… So Dwayne presented one of the veterans of the American army with his own car, noting the merits of the military in the social field.

Johnson’s gift to his mother made a lot of noise, she also received a luxury car. The caring actor noted that his parents had a hard time in this life, so he tries to regularly please his dearest person. But Dwayne’s father passed away two years ago, he was a fairly well-known wrestler and greatly influenced the fate of his son.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon.  Four Christmases

It turns out that the star of the movie “Four Christmases” and “Cross the Line” is a very homely person who appreciates the company of the closest people. Witherspoon regularly spends winter holidays with her husband and three children.

According to the actress, she is enjoying the opportunity to be with her family for a few extra days. Reese constantly takes part in various projects, and it is not always possible for the household to get together. But when the chance comes, the family spends leisure time by the fireplace and just enjoys the conversation.

Nicolas Cage

It’s no secret that Nicholas is a very shocking and peculiar person who often surprises the audience. The star of the Christmas comedy “The Family Man”, unlike the main character of the film, has been looking for personal happiness throughout his life and has been married 5 times already. This is partly why, Cage does not seek to spend the New Year with his family., the actor prefers to arrange grand parties, to which he invites representatives of the local elite.

Often, Nicholas appears at such events with his wife, who is 30 years younger than the man. Despite the financial difficulties provoked by Cage’s specific lifestyle, he continues to spend lavishly, hoping for the best.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman.  X-men

The star of the X-Men franchise hails from Australia, a country not very suitable for celebrating a classic Christmas. However, Hugh is not worried about this and tries to spend the New Year at home every time. It was the hot climate and neglect of sunscreens that gave Jackman skin cancer, with which he periodically wages an irreconcilable struggle.

Wolverine is happy to share his impressions of the celebration of Christmas – in his house, they must bake a turkey and cook a roast. Also, the actor treats with dishes and pays attention to people who do not have families and are forced to spend winter celebrations alone.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Perhaps the actress would like to spend Christmas in a special way, but having six children leaves little choice for the star. Every year Angelina takes her personal assistants on a shopping raid, where she picks up New Year’s gifts and other festive attributes.

At times guests drop in at Jolie, so the press gets lost in conjectures and builds different versions… Perhaps Angelina has a new boyfriend, but it cannot be ruled out that the actress is not averse to seeing her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, next to her. In any case, for Jolie, Christmas is 100% a family holiday, which she often spends at home.

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie.  Suicide squad

Suicide Squad tape star and the most charming Harley Quinn spends winter holidays in a very diverse way… The whole world was covered by footage of Margot resting at one of the elite ski resorts with her husband and friends. The huge amount of snow and the appropriate environment will certainly create a New Year’s atmosphere.

However, this time, the couple went to the British province to visit their husband’s relatives. He is an assistant director that Robbie met on set. Despite the weather, far from New Year’s standards, the main thing is peace of mind and an inner feeling of the holiday.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp.  Pirates of the Caribbean

There were many women in Johnny Depp’s life, but he still has not found that one. That is why, its winter celebrations are very unusual – Jack Sparrow periodically spends the New Year with his ex-wives… Each time such meetings give rise to many rumors about a reunion, but when the raid of Christmas magic flies, Johnny is left alone again.

Once he invited Kate Moss to his own island, accompanied by her new boyfriend. Then Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton followed a similar route, whom Depp introduced to his beloved, Amber Heard. And just a couple of years ago, Johnny spent the New Year with another ex-wife, Vanessa Paradis and their two children together.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston.  New Years corporate party

The Friends star doesn’t bother finding exotic ways to celebrate Christmas. She prefers to spend time with her husband, whom she rarely sees in everyday life due to her busy work schedule. Although Jennifer, by her own admission, does not know how to cook at all, she is quite enough for New Year’s shopping, where the star is looking for souvenirs for relatives.

Aniston also throws an annual party where she invites significant people to her.… Her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, is often among the chosen ones, with whom fans constantly dream of an early reunion. The company is having fun, be sure to decorate the Christmas tree and enjoy the conversation.

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles.  Ten inch hero

Many people know this actor from the TV series “Supernatural” and the tape “Ten Inch Hero”. Now Jensen is an exemplary family man and prefers to spend Christmas with his family. He chooses for festive events colorful winter places where the New Year’s atmosphere is felt especially acutely

A very cute Christmas tradition is Eccles’ visit to the Christmas tree market, where he always takes his daughter. They not only have a great time picking out the green beauty, but they also buy various decorations and trinkets, without which it is difficult to imagine Christmas.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Terminator 2

But Arnold does not need any Christmas tree bazaars, and his venerable age is conducive to quieter leisure. Schwarzenegger’s children have grown up long ago and are able to have fun on their own, and the Terminator has time for himself. He skillfully used it to build 25 houses for veterans left without a roof over their heads.

A truly generous gift worthy of Santa Claus does credit to Arnold, but you shouldn’t forget about yourself either. Schwarzenegger is always anxiously preparing for Christmas, carefully growing spruce right on his site… Well, Arnie will never have problems with the presence of New Year’s attributes.

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