• March 4, 2024

How do I change my PSN Online ID on PlayStation 4?

Finally, Sony decided to provide its users with the ability to change the PlayStation Network ID. Players all over the world are happy to hear this news. But how do I change my PSN ID? Is this service free? And are there any risks after taking this action? In this article you will find all the information you need on this topic.

How do I change my PSN Online ID on PlayStation 4?

There are two ways to change your Online ID: directly through your PS4 console or using your web browser. To change PSN ID on PS4, you need to go to “Settings” and select “Account Management”. The next step is Account Information> Profile> Online ID. Next, you must follow the tips that appear on the screen to successfully complete the changes.

Change PSN ID using a web browser?

To change your network ID using a web browser, log in to your PlayStation Network account and look for PSN Profile. Next, you need to click on “Change” – the button is located with your ID. Come up with an original name or choose one from the proposed ones.

The cost of changing your PSN ID?

As one of Sony directors Sid Schumann writes on his blog: “The service is free the first time you change your ID, but next time you will have to pay $ 9.99 / £ 7.99 unless you are a member of the PlayStation Plus bonus program.” In this case, it will cost $ 4.99 / £ 3.99. You can use this feature anywhere in the world. If you decide to get your old name back, you can do it for free, an infinite number of times.

What are the risks associated with changing the PSN ID?

Changing the PlayStation ID may pose significant risks because some of the games do not support this feature. According to Sony, “PS4 games that have been released since April 2018 are designed so that anyone can change their ID.” But during last year’s presentation before the release of a new game, an unpleasant incident occurred: when testing one of the games, repeated PlayStation ID changes ended in failure.

Apart from this, there are a few games that have some “serious problems” associated with changing IDs. These include projects such as LittleBigPlanet 3 and Just Dance 2017. Sony has conducted product testing and published a list of games so that gamers have information about which ones may cause problems.

Problems that arise most often due to ID change:

  • inability to save the gameplay;
  • loss of saved game data;
  • loss of leaderboard data and trophy progress;
  • the previously used online user ID remains visible to you and other players;
  • some of the gameplay does not work correctly “both online and offline”.

According to the developers: “It is possible to lose access to some content. (This is especially true for in-game purchases such as upgrades, bonus items or coins). “

Sony says that if you return the old online ID, most of the problems that arise will fix itself.

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