• March 4, 2024

How do I fix the black screen issue in Hitman 2?

The new part of Hitman 2 is pretty well optimized, but it still crashes on the computer. After launching the game, messages about individual game errors began to appear on the forums. One of them was the black screen in Hitman 2. Sometimes after starting the game the picture does not appear at all, the player has to contemplate only a black screen.

Why does the error appear?

After numerous attempts to correct the error, it was possible to establish what the true cause of the malfunction is – the video card driver.

There are 2 possible root causes for a black screen:

  • Outdated driver version. They do not support some of the features used in Hitman 2;
  • Upgrade to the latest version of video drivers. Downloading the latest drivers also does not always lead to a positive result. Sometimes the game stops working just after the update, but it works well with old drivers.

How to remove black screen in Hitman 2?

From the causes of the problem, their solution also follows: updating or rolling back video drivers.

How do I update my graphics card drivers?

It is advisable to use the method if the drivers in the system have not been updated for a long time. There are 2 easy ways to update your video drivers:

  • Download the file with the latest driver from the official website. It is enough to go to the site Nvidia or Radeon, select the model of the video card and download the appropriate file for the OS. All that remains is to launch it.
  • Use the automatic driver search. To do this, go to the “Device Manager” panel, where you can get after right-clicking on the “Start” menu. Next, you should expand the list of “Video adapters”, make a PCM on a discrete card and select “Update”. Among the update methods, it is better to select “Search automatically for updated drivers”.

How do I roll back a video driver?

If a black screen started to appear after updating Hitman to the latest driver, you should roll it back. Also, this action helps users who have automatic video driver update installed.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Make a PCM on the “Start” button and select “Device Manager”.
  2. Open “Video adapters” and double-click with the left mouse button.
  3. Go to the Driver tab and select Roll Back Driver.
  4. Specify the reason for the rollback and confirm the action.

Either updating or rolling back the video driver should help combat the black screen in Hitman 2.

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