• September 24, 2023

How do I fix “We were unable to create a new or find an existing partition”?

“We could not create a new …” is a special error that often occurs during the installation of Windows 10. In addition, this alarm message can be seen when formatting disks (to prepare for the same OS installation) or changing their structure (GPT and MBR) … In general, an error occurs during certain manipulations with disks.

“We failed to create a new one…” – why does it arise?

As a rule, two specific reasons are distinguished behind the appearance of this error:

  1. The disk on which you are trying to install Windows already has manually created partitions (using system tools or third-party tools) that cover all the free disk space.
  2. The system has more than 1 physical. disk; the user is trying to install the system to Disk 1, while Disk 0 contains partitions that cannot become system ones (and, as we remember, the Windows Setup Wizard always prioritizes Disk 0).

“Yes, all this will have to fix forever!” – you might think. However, everything is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. Now we will look with you at a number of methods that will help you get rid of this annoying error in the shortest possible time.

Solution “We were unable to create a new …”

Method # 1 It is corny to rearrange the priority of disks in the BIOS

The easiest solution in this situation is to go into the BIOS and move the disk on which you are trying to install the Windows operating system to the first priority. For example, from Disk 1 you need to make Disk 0, and from Disk 0 you need to make Disk 1. Got the point? We go into the BIOS, change the order and check if the error has disappeared or not. Alternatively, you can reconnect the SATA cables between the drives, if available.

Method # 2 Deleting an existing section

So, you need to install a fresh Windows OS on a single disk that does not contain any important data. We start the process of installing the system and get to the window with partitions. Select the partition where the OS will be installed (as a rule, it is Disk 0 Partition 1) and click “Delete”. An unallocated space will appear in place of the deleted partition – select it and click the “Next” button. In which case, you may need to restart your PC after deleting the old partition.

Method # 3 Allocating disk space for system partitions through Diskpart

Okay, now let’s talk about the situation when some important data is present on the disk. What to do? Do not delete everything from the disk, right? That’s right, with the help of the Diskpart system utility, you can get rid of the error “We could not create a new …” and finally install Windows.

  • While in the OS installation wizard, hold down Shift and press F10.
  • In the Command Prompt window, run the following series of commands:
    • diskpart
    • list volume
    • select volume X (where X is the number of the only or last volume of approximately 500-1000 MB)
    • shrink desired = 1024 minimum = 1024
    • exit
  • Close the console and update the status of the disks in the OS installation wizard.
  • Select the appropriate section from the list (do not select unallocated space!) And move on.

That’s it, the Windows installation should start without any problems, and the annoying “We couldn’t create a new one …” will disappear. Share your successes in the comments!

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