• September 28, 2023

How do I set up Everspace 2 on my PC for ultra-wide resolution?

The legendary arcade-style space shooter received a long-awaited update, Everspace 2 was released, which brought a lot of new things. In addition to the changes in the game content itself, the developers also did a good job on the graphical component. Everything has become more sophisticated, modern and oriented towards good equipment. One of the notable changes is the ability to choose an ultra-wide screen size in the settings. Since today many people use similar monitors, this adjustment has proved to be more than demanded. However, users have noticed problems with this mode.

How to remove graphic distortions in ultra-wide mode Everspace 2?

As soon as the player selects the ultra-wide graphics mode in the settings and the monitor supports it, distortions begin. The picture gets a little closer, all objects lose clarity and it becomes not so pleasant anymore. At the same time, everything is fine in standard mode, but the widescreen monitor is not involved in this process in any way. There is a lot of discussion on the forum on this issue and a solution has already been presented that has helped many Everspace 2 players.

To resolve the issue with distortion in ultra-wide graphics mode, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the game save folder. This folder is located along the path: C: / Users /[USERNMAME]/ AppData / Local / ES2 / Saved / Config / WindowsNoEditor /. Instead of “Username”, you must specify the username on your computer, under which you log into the system.
  2. In this folder you need to find the “Engine.ini” file.
  3. Open it through standard notepad. Right-click, select “Open With”, and then use notepad as an application.
  4. After the text document is open, you need to add the following lines to it:
  • [/script/engine.localplayer]
  • AspectRatioAxisConstraint = AspectRatio_MaintainYFOV
  1. Save your document before exiting.
  2. Start the game again and select ultra-wide graphics mode, the distortion should disappear.

Many users said that this method helped them and now they can play comfortably in widescreen mode. At the same time, the developers said that they are aware of the problem and will soon release an update that should fix it. But while you are waiting for it, you can use this method and play with maximum comfort right now.

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