• February 20, 2024

How do I use the ECG app on Apple Watch?

Apple Corporation has added an ECG application to smartwatches of the fourth series. This is a real ECG that can be used to record the work of the heart. The application is valuable in that it provides the best understanding of the behavior of the heart under different body loads. Running an EKG on Apple Watch is pretty simple, it doesn’t take long. You can read more about the ECG app below.

Why do you need an ECG from a smartwatch?

The developers have built into the watch improved electrodes that record data from the human body, then they are sent to the application. It processes the data and builds an electrocardiogram based on it. All this became possible thanks to the introduction of the Digital Crown electrodes. They are installed under the Apple Watch Series 4 case and on a castor.

The result of the work of the ECG is an idea of ​​the work of the heart, or rather, of the ego’s electrical activity. An ECG is considered an easy and cheap way to diagnose heart function. With the help of research, it is possible to detect abnormalities in the rhythm of the heart. The application allows you to diagnose arterial fibrillation, which has many serious complications.

Conditions for using the ECG app

There are 3 conditions that are important to follow in order to use the application:

  • Buy an Apple Watch of the fourth series and be located in the United States. So far, the function does not work in other countries. In the near future, it is expected to spread the territory of use of the application;
  • User must be over 22 years old;
  • Smart watches must be controlled by watchOS 5.1.2 operating system. In this case, the application will be installed without user intervention.

If the user meets all of the listed requirements, you also need to launch the ECG application on an iOS smartphone. After specifying basic health data and elementary settings, you can make an ECG.

How to get an EKG?

The algorithm of actions is as simple as possible:

  1. Open the application on a smart watch, and put your finger on the wheel for half a minute. For the test result to be accurate, the arms must be relaxed. Better yet, put your hands on the table to relieve stress.
  2. After a short period of reading the data on the electrical signals of the heart, the application will give the result.

Developers from Apple have tried to give at least a rough understanding of the state of health. To do this, a special algorithm was compiled, which, based on the results of the study, shows probable symptoms and diagnoses. You can view the information on the “Health” tab. There is also a function for sending data to the doctor.

It is important to understand that only a person with specialized education can accurately determine the state of the heart muscle by ECG. If there are disturbing symptoms, it is better to consult your doctor with the ECG results.

How to find out the ECG result?

How to study the result:

  1. Launch the “Health” application on your smartphone.
  2. Go to the section “Medical data”.
  3. Select items “Heart”, then – ECG.
  4. Press the button “Show all data”.
  5. Tap on a specific entry to show the test results.

The history of all measurements from the Apple Watch is displayed here. If you want to share an individual result, you should click on “Export to PDF”. The pdf file can be sent by email or by message.

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