• December 6, 2021

How Microsoft will resurrect people with innovative technologies

Microsoft has patented a technology that allows chatbots to be trained by processing data from real people. To do this, messages, voice recordings, visual information about a person are loaded into an artificial neural network (ANN), on the basis of which a virtual image is modulated, completely copying the manner of communication, appearance and voice of any particular individual. Such a system works on the principle of trial and error: the computer automatically generates a situation for itself and gives a feedback to it, and then compares the result with the reference, that is, with the result of a person. The more information is loaded for processing and the more times the computer has tried to “guess” the reaction to a certain situation, the more accurate the simulation will be.

Technology beyond reality

This feature has tremendous practical benefits. Thanks to her, any business or business related to contact between people can be conducted without the participation of a team, but simply by simulating an ideal operator, salesperson, specialist or any other employee.

Also, this technology can help individuals with problems in social adaptation.

By modulating one’s own image, it becomes possible to gradually introduce into society with the most comfortable interlocutor for oneself, in which it is possible to gradually make changes in order to switch to communication with others.

Payback for opening

But such manipulations with personal data can lead to negative results. So, having received personal data in an illegal way, it becomes possible to create a virtual image for fraudulent purposes. Such manipulations can improve existing methods of cheating by modulating the voice and manner of communication of any individual.

The era of cyber fraud may come, in which identity theft will reach a new level. In addition, the image can be created based on the data of already deceased people.

At first glance, this technology should be viewed in a positive way, because it can be used as a means of perpetuating people in cyberspace. But there remains the risk of hurting the feelings of relatives and violating the rights to preserve personal information. But since there are no clauses in the legislation regulating such actions, the question of considering the laws and the safety of personal data after death becomes relevant.

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