• December 5, 2023

How much experience does it take to open a branch of Italian heavy tanks?

The developers have presented a new branch of equipment and there is already information with which tank to start researching and how much experience to accumulate in order to open the vehicle among the first players.


Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and the agenda of the release of Italian heavy tanks in World of Tanks during the general test of update 1.11.1. In this article, we will consider the order of pumping new cars and how much experience it will take to transfer to the top or the option to directly open level 10 for free experience.branch

We are researching a new branch of the Tier 6 P.43 Bis medium tank for 57750 experience.6 level

7th level

Level 7 Carro d`assalto P.88

The first representative of the Italian TT Carro d`assalto P.88. The radio remains from medium tanks (if opened), and the chassis can be skipped altogether, the carrying capacity of the base is enough to open the top modules, as well as install equipment.

But note that you first have to open the top tower, and only then you will be able to take a new cannon.

To transfer to the top-end configuration you will need 44 500 + 9 500 caterpillars (optional).

8th level

Level 8

Perhaps this is one of the most interesting representatives of the new sub-branch – Progetto CC55 mod.54, which is researched for 87,200 experience. Here, too, you can skip the undercarriage, especially if you use improved hardening.

To transfer to the top-end configuration you will need 75300 (with chassis + 17,000 more). This time you can start right away with a new weapon, gradually pumping the car. If there are drawings or a lot of freedom, then you can immediately go to the “nine”, but we recommend to play on Progetto CC55 mod.54, since this is a good tank and you can try out the new mechanics of the modified reloading on it:Bisonte C45 recharging mechanism


9 level

Pre-top car Progetto C50 mod. 66 opens for 150,190 experience. In this case better save up some freedoms, in order not to open the level 9 gun, but immediately go to the top gun through the new tower, for this you will need 87,000 experience.

To transfer to the top-end configuration (taking into account the chassis and not taking into account the pre-top gun), you will need 195,700 experience.

Level 10

Rinoceronte level 10

The crown of the Italian TT Rinoceronte branch is researched for. You don’t have to open any additional modules.

At the same time, note that on the previous vehicles of the branch there were 4 crew members, but here only 3 (the commander combines the roles of a radio operator and a loader, and the gunner also took on the role of a loader).

Experience summary

If you go directly for free experience, then to open level 10 you will need 649,500 experience. But you can buy out the P.43 Bis now and farm 57,750.purchase of Rinoceronte

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