• April 22, 2024

How much RAM do you need for a gaming PC in 2021?

What can each of the popular sizes of RAM give us? What kind of RAM is needed in 2021 to feel comfortable and run different games? After all, as you know, they often “eat” a lot of memory.


8 GB is the minimum

In 2021, this is really very small. Suitable only for undemanding games. You can, of course, try to run not very complex ones, but the decrease in performance will be quite noticeable, especially in new products. Alternatively, it is suitable for a budget assembly for the sake of online shooters, MOBA. It will be a good solution and it will be enough for them.

16 GB – the golden mean

A great option for every gamer. Allows you to launch all games: both online and new projects. But it should be borne in mind that all these advantages are available if you have closed all background applications that do not also require memory for themselves. Also 16 GB will allow you to play quietly in 4K resolution. This is the best option that will serve for the future and will not become the weak link in your assembly. But it is worth noting that gamers turn off all unnecessary applications while playing. Therefore, this option will provide you with a comfortable process. And the prospect that you don’t have to think about increasing memory if you want to increase the performance in games.


32 GB – the ideal level for playing at maximum speed

If you are one of those who cannot imagine their life without going through the next novelty, the 32 GB option is suitable for you. Since it will allow you to play the most demanding games of 2021. Moreover, at maximum settings, in good resolution. At the same time, launching several Chrome tabs or a couple of applications in the background. In addition, if you are interested in 3D modeling or video editing, then this option is 100% suitable for you. For the rest, 32 GB is already an overkill, which does not have to be spent on.


The best option for average gamers is 16 GB. More is already overkill if you are not working in demanding programs other than games. It is also worth considering the multi-channel mode. The fact is that two 8GB cards will give more speed and performance than one 16GB memory slot. So you can buy two planks instead of one. Advanced users can also use the four-channel mode, which is, of course, expensive, but worth it: the speed will increase significantly. However, don’t tell me, take 16 GB and don’t complicate your life. Also, don’t waste it unnecessarily. For during the crisis it is even more expensive to improve and assemble a PC.

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