• September 28, 2023

How to assess battery health in Windows 10?

Laptops, laptops and other mobile computers in all price segments use up battery resources as they are used. She, in turn, loses some of its capacity, gradually reducing the battery life. Especially it is harmed by work at elevated temperatures and deep discharge. After a certain number of recharge cycles, it begins to discharge faster, and eventually dies completely. In addition to manually tracking how much a battery is holding a charge, Windows 10 allows you to generate a report. It is very convenient to monitor the current state of the battery and assess the need for its replacement.

How to create a battery health report in Windows 10?

There is one useful tool in Windows 10 that generates a battery health report. It includes a lot of valuable data for a thorough analysis and a complete understanding of the current position of the battery. Knowing the current point of the battery throughout its life span and the number of recharge cycles used since the date of manufacture will help make the necessary adjustments to the offline use of the laptop.

In order to create a report, you need to do a little preparation. We recommend in advance:

  • update Windows 10 so that there are no pending updates hanging;
  • close all applications that are currently running on the computer, this will help reduce the current load on the system and the battery itself when generating a report;
  • unplug the AC adapter with which you are charging your battery.

The current state of charge of the battery does not matter.

After completing the listed operations, we launch the creation of the report:

  1. Open the command line or Powershell with administrator rights (can be found in the list that opens with the Win + X keys).
  2. Insert into the console powercfg / batteryreport exactly in this form and press Enter.
  3. After some time, required by Windows 10 to prepare the data, a report file in HTML format will be generated. We can find it along the path C: WINDOWS system32 battery-report.html or C: Users [Ваше имя компьютера]…

How to assess battery health in Windows 10?

You can open the battery-report.html file in any browser by double-clicking on it with the left mouse button.

How to understand the battery status from the report?

After receiving an automatically generated report by the Windows system, the question arises of how to understand this data. There are a lot of sections and various indicators here. We will help you interpret the information correctly by considering everything that is indicated in the report.

  • At the very top, basic system information is displayed, including details about the current device: product name, model number, BIOS version, OS build.
  • Below is the information about the installed battery. If there are several of them, information about each will be shown: manufacturer, heat, full capacity.

How to assess battery health in Windows 10?

  • The Recent Usage block displays numeric data in the form of a graph. It lists usage data for the last 3 days. It displays: usage time, charging time, idle time. The percentage of battery charging at random intervals and the amount of energy supplied is displayed.
  • The Battery Usage section displays a general history of battery usage. The block contains details of the battery life and charging time since the operating system was installed. If Windows 10 is preinstalled, then the information will be from the moment the laptop was manufactured. The data is structured by week, and the last week is structured by day.

How to assess battery health in Windows 10?

  • Estimated battery life assuming a fully charged and moderately active computer. Even after several weeks of use, you can see that the autonomy has slightly decreased, this is normal for all mobile batteries.
  • Battery life assessment. For this, historical data obtained during the use of Windows 10 is used. All this time, the system has been collecting data and now uses it in order to predict how much battery is left. The average statistical data is more or less accurate, so the forecast can be considered true.

How to assess battery health in Windows 10?

Advice! To extend the life of LiON batteries, you should try to charge the battery as close to the end of the energy as possible (by 5-10%) and bring it to the maximum. So we use the full range of active elements, not allowing them to stagnate. Charging at random points (30%, 50%, 70%, etc.) will cause the unused area to die off.

Windows 10 has a very valuable battery tracking tool. It works in the background, collecting the necessary data on battery usage, laptop mode, charging duration, etc. At any time, the system will use this information and prepare a comprehensive report. However, it should be understood that each user may understand the word “damaged” battery differently. For some, 3 hours of battery life is very little, you need to change the battery, but many will be happy with it. Subjective factors need to be assessed independently.

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