• September 24, 2023

how to change shoes and why do they wear out

Death Stranding is by no means a super-realistic courier simulator, however, it still has some game mechanics that obey the laws of logic. Shoes are one such mechanic. No, shoes in Death Stranding are not some kind of accessory, but a damn important piece of Sam Porter Bridges’ outfit.

In Death Stranding, you will have to change your shoes on a regular basis – they wear out quickly from the constant running from one point to another. No, you don’t have to change your shoes every 30 seconds, so you can stop sighing heavily. The protagonist’s boots do not have the durability of real-world shoes, but there is a story explanation for that. We will not spoil anything – you will find out everything yourself.

Remember: always, always carry an extra pair of boots with you! You can create boots at any terminal in the game world. After creating new shoes, go to the cargo section (Options →) and tie the boots to the main character (they will hang behind the back). When your old shoes are completely worn out, go back to the cargo section and equip a new pair. That’s how easy it is.

The main thing is not to forget to create an extra pair of boots. Now let’s talk about what affects the durability of a shoe. And two factors affect it: the speed of movement and the type of terrain. The faster you move, the faster the shoe wears out, and in snowy, flooded or rocky terrain, the rate of wear increases even more. In general, everything works according to logic.

Shoes will not wear out on the Web, for example, at terminals, and while driving any vehicle. When riding a motorcycle or in the cab of a truck, you do not touch the ground with your feet – there is no wear. To understand how much your boots are worn out, just look at the small scale in the lower left corner (there will also be a boot icon).

Obviously, if you do not change your torn to shreds shoes, Sam will literally start walking on the ground with his bare feet and will lose health at the same time. In a sense, the key to success in Death Stranding is two pairs of boots.

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