• May 19, 2024

How to choose a class for the main character in Greedfall?

In the game Greedfall, the player has the opportunity to choose three unique classes for the main character. It will be possible to gain access to more diverse skills after pumping the corresponding skill tree. However, do not think that the chosen class imposes any restrictions on your protagonist. You will not be tied to any particular archetype, and you will be able to unlock and pump a variety of skills.

In fact, the choice of class affects only two points: the initial abilities of the character and the talents and characteristics recommended for him. For example, it is better to immediately get the skill of picking locks, since there are many chests in the hometown of Selene’s character, and without the appropriate skill to open them, you will have to pump the character to level 5.

The first class is a warrior. His specialization is close combat, and at the initial level it is better to use bludgeoning weapons. At the beginning of the game, the warrior will have the following skills and talents: one-handed and heavy weapons, various blades, pistols, and the ability to create weapons and armor (craft skill). Also, this character has the energy skill, which opens access to certain areas where balance is required.

The second class is an engineer. Such characters use their skills to set traps and control the movement of enemies. One- and two-handed swords are best suited to this class. Of the skills, the engineer has the ability to use pistols, set up elemental traps, use one-handed blades, open locks and disarm traps (“Hacking” skill), as well as crafting according to recipes (“Science” ability).

The third class is the magician. It targets ranged attacks with magic spells. Of the skills for such a character, the skills of paralysis, the divine magic ring, and the use of one-handed heavy weapons are characteristic. Also, magicians have the skill of science and intuition, which allows you to notice the loot.

All the skills of certain classes described above are basic, and you can independently pump the character during the game.

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