• February 20, 2024

How to connect a PlayStation 4 joystick to a Mac?

Quite often, active gamers who have a Mac and a PlayStation 4 at home buy different controllers for both devices. You have to spend your hard-earned money on a not-so-cheap controller twice. If you need a pair of joysticks, the costs are even higher. In fact, there is no need to buy another controller.

If you already have a Dualsh 4 type Playstation 4 controller you purchased, you can use it to play games on your Mac. Previously, it was not always possible to use it or it was extremely inconvenient. Now it has become very relevant, especially after the introduction of full support for this controller by the Steam gaming platform on Windows and Mac. Improved support for this joystick simplifies customization in any games hosted on Steam. Next, we will tell you how to set everything up.

Synchronizing Dualsh 4 Controller to Mac Over the Air

You might think that for this purpose you would have to use an official adapter from Sony. The company has been releasing a PC adapter for a DualShock 4 controller for a short time. Despite its absence in the official sale, it can always be purchased from hands, but this is pointless. Support for the adapter has ended and now it does not work as it should. But the modern controller has Bluetooth technology, which replaces the adapter. Bluetooth connects to your Mac quite simply, avoiding cable clutter.

How to do it:

  1. First, go to System Preferences on your Mac PC. This is easiest to do by clicking on the Apple icon and choosing “System Preferences” from the drop-down menu. You can also enter a title for a section in Spotlight.
  2. In the target section, you need to find and select “Bluetooth”. Now you should turn on Bluetooth on your computer.
  3. It’s time to grab your PlayStation 4 joystick and switch it to network search mode. To activate the desired mode, press the PS and Share buttons at the same time. The mode switch is indicated by the LED on the front panel of the joystick, it starts blinking.
  4. On a Mac PC, go to the “Devices” panel (inside the Bluetooth section, where you got after the second item).
  5. After a short period of searching, the Mac will find the Dualsh 4 controller. It usually appears as a “wireless controller”. It is enough to click on this device and the connection will take place. After successful connection, the diode starts to glow constantly.

Now you can go into games on a Mac and fully use the DualShock 4 joystick.

Connecting a Dualsh 4 gamepad to a Mac using a microUSB cable

Bluetooth has one drawback – the connection can be interrupted periodically or there are delays in the response. Another reason for rejecting Bluetooth is “purely” technical – the module may simply not work on the controller or computer. There is also an alternative to wireless connection, which is to use a microUSB cable. It is not difficult to connect both devices with a cable. Yes, now you have to get tangled in the wire and cling to the cable, but the joystick is more stable.

How to connect a PS4 controller to a Mac via microUSB:

  1. Connect the gamepad to your computer via microUSB.
  2. Press the PS button on the joystick to turn it on, which is indicated by the LED on the front side. This switches the controller into operating mode and immediately becomes ready for operation.

You can check that the Mac recognizes the Dualsh controller 4 correctly. To do this, click on the Apple logo in the upper left corner. Next, you should click on “About This Mac” and select “System Report”. In the window that appears, open the “USB” list. Inside the section, click on the “USB bus” section. The number of items in the list directly depends on the number of USB ports on the PC.

For more information, you can click on the small arrow nearby with the line “USB Bus”. The list of information also shows the type of device connected to each port: controller, mouse, keyboard, etc. The Mac correctly detects the gamepad if there is a “wireless controller” entry next to one of the ports.

Do you like using a Dualsh 4 controller on a Mac or prefer a different one? Leave your answer in the comments.

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