• February 20, 2024

How to create a windmill in Valheim: a detailed guide

A harsh Viking will not be able to cook his own food on a journey without the right ingredients. Some of them can be obtained in the open world, but most will have to be made by yourself. And this process cannot be imagined without a mill.

Windmill in operation

The windmill is an essential building in Valheim. It allows the production of barley flour, which is needed for the preparation of many food products. Among them: bread, fish rolls, bullfinch pie and blood sausage. All these dishes have unique effects – each in its own way helps in battle. But mostly, barley flour is used to prepare food for quick recovery of health.

Players love Valheim for its fast construction. However, in the case of a windmill, you have to do a little work. Still, the necessary resources for the construction of this structure are very difficult to get. This will even require you to kill one boss.

The process of creating a windmill

Viking near his domain

To construct this building, you will need to travel to a mountain biome. This location is inhabited by the boss – the dragon Mouder. It is his destruction that is necessary to create a windmill.

To summon the boss, you need to find 3 dragon eggs. They can be found near tabs in the mountains. But it should be borne in mind that they extremely hard… Therefore, it is better to enlist the support of other Vikings to help carry the eggs to the altar. When everything is ready – there is an opportunity to summon the boss. It will also not be superfluous call friends for the battle with Mouder. Still, the dragon is strong, especially for a player with weak equipment.

Killing Mauder drops a dragon’s tear. This is an important item that is used to create an artisan table. Further, it can be used to build such structures as a blast furnace, a spinning wheel and a windmill. The latter will require the following resources:

  1. 20 stones;
  2. 30 iron nails;
  3. 30 wood.

Stones in Valheim are not a problem to get. They are scattered throughout the game world. Nails are made from iron, which is found in crypts in the swamps or is mined in the mountains. Wood drops from Greydwarves, and is also obtained from felling trees and gathering branches.

To build a windmill, you need to place an artisan table nearby with the future place of construction. At the same time, there are several recommendations for construction:

  1. It is necessary build away from other buildings… It’s all about the size of the windmill. The close distance between structures may be inconvenient in the future.
  2. The best thing build in an open area, where the winds blow. Thus, the production of barley flour will proceed faster.
  3. It is safer to place the windmill near the base.

Once construction is complete, the Craftsman’s Table can be removed.

Real Valheim fans can’t imagine their life without crafting and cheat codes. Also, a Viking must definitely stock up on the best equipment and perfect weapons in order to collect all the resources to build a mill. And only after that you will be able to fully start preparing delicious food.

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