• November 29, 2023

how to create and what to use

If you are planning to melt something in Minecraft and you need a smelting (blast furnace) furnace, then you have come to the right place. The creation of this object is the first step towards the possibility receive from your old outfit iron ingotsthat you can use to craft other items.

Smelting (blast furnace) furnace in Minecraft: how to create and what to useBlast furnaces can found in villages the world of Minecraft, namely in the homes of gunsmiths. If none of the local residents uses it in their work, then any of the villagers can change profession at the gunsmith.

The melting furnace is functioning two times faster normal and can be used to smelt ore, iron armor and tools. To create this object, you first need to make a regular furnace using 8 pieces of cobblestone or blackstone in the crafting grid on the workbench.

Minecraft - furnace recipe

Now, after you have acquired a base, find out how to create a melting furnace out of it and what you can do in it when it is all on fire and ready to go.

Blast furnace recipe

To make a melting furnace in Minecraft, you need the following components:

  • iron ingot – 5 units;
  • oven – 1 unit;
  • smooth stone – 3 units.

Open a workbench and place a simple oven in the center of the grid. Place two iron ingots on each side of it and place the remaining three in the top row. Place three smooth stones in the bottom row and you are now ready to create a melting furnace.

Minecraft - smelting furnace recipe

How to use the melting furnace

You can use blast furnaces in Minecraft for smelting ore blocks, tools and armor, and gold or chain mail. To do this, you need to place the selected item and fuel in the smelting furnace. The space around the blast furnace will light up and you will see a flame inside it. You can collect the molten item from the block by right-clicking on it.

Products melt twice as fast as in a conventional furnace, but this also requires a lot more fuel.

Blast Furnace Facts in Minecraft

Here are some fun facts:

  • any villager who does not have a special gunsmith has a chance to become one by standing next to the blast furnace;
  • you can’t cook in it food, so use a regular stove or fire;
  • collecting items from the blast furnace, you get less experience, than getting them from a conventional oven;
  • melting furnaces can’t be pushed pistons;
  • blast furnaces have the same resistance to explosions and emit lightlike conventional ovens when active;
  • you can get the block only with a pickaxe.

The smelter in Minecraft will quickly and efficiently smelt a block of ore into iron ingots, so you can use it for many of your needs. The resources saved by blast furnaces will always find their place in your epic playthrough.

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