• May 23, 2022

How to download Among Us for free on PC and phone

Free-to-Play games are widespread in the smartphone world and appear less and less on computers. However, this project can still be played for free, even on PC.

Among Us

You can download the free version of Among As according to the developers’ idea only from a mobile phone. PC players must pay to play. Of course, it costs a little, but even such you don’t always want to spend money, especially if you don’t know if you will like the game.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a virtual online mafia, which was transferred to the space setting. The player is offered two roles: team member or traitor. Playing as an impostor, the gamer must sabotage the ship and kill civilians. The team members are obliged to carry out their daily tasks and at the same time remain vigilant in order to find traitors and prevent them from disrupting the operation.

The main advantage of the game: The project is not demanding on technology. It can be played from both PC and smartphone. It is also possible to play Among As for free.

The main disadvantage of the game: Simplicity. If you play without the company of friends with whom everything becomes more fun, she can get bored quickly.

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Useful articles

There is no point in playing Among Us, paid or free, if you don’t know the basics. Here are links to the most useful life hacks and interesting news.

We share tips on how not to pay for Among As. Absolutely all players will be able to download for free in Russian, the main thing is to strictly follow the instructions.

How to play Among Us for free without hacking?

Among Us

The easiest way to get Among Us and not pay is to download the mobile version. It is completely free initially, so you don’t have to break the rules and download a pirate. The mobile version has exactly the same functionality as the computer version. In addition, downloading cheats for Among As for free is much easier on Android. However, not everyone likes to play from a smartphone, and if you become a traitor, it is also very inconvenient due to the size of the screen.

Among Us you can download for free on Android directly from the official Google Play or AppStore.

How to download the hacked game Among Us

Among Us

The hacked game Among Us gives you the opportunity to play with friends on a PC without paying a penny. And this is not a pirated copy! All the player needs is to use a special emulatorwhich allows you to play mobile games on your computer.

Download Among As on PC for free:

– DOWNLOAD from the cloud Mail.ru

– DOWNLOAD from Google Drive

– DOWNLOAD from modsfire

Apart from the need to pay, there is no difference between this version and the license from Steam. The free Among Us also gives you access to all multiplayer games, maps and modes.

To play Among Us on PC for free you need:

  1. Download Among As in Russian (free of charge on our links).
  2. Open the archive and install the “Emulator” file.
  3. Log into your Google account (to access your Google Games account).
  4. Enter in the search bar Among Us. It is located on the right side of the screen.
  5. Install the game from the official Google Play store.
  6. Start the game by clicking on the icon on the home screen!

If you do not have internet or the game cannot be installed for some reason – you can use the second file from the archive. You can use it to install the free Among As. You need to do this after you install the Emulator!

Most importantly, this method is not piracy. You can download Among As in Russian for free on Android, and in the same way download it to your PC. The same interface will open from the computer screen as from the phone, however, playing with the mouse and keyboard will be much more comfortable.

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Please note that with the new anti-cheat from the developers for using these mods can get banned. You use cheats at your own risk.

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