• February 22, 2024

How to enable HDR for PS5 on Sony, LG and other 4K TVs

Happy PlayStation 5 owners are right now enjoying high resolutions and frame rates, as well as lightning-fast loading screens that players never dreamed of on an old PS4 or even PS4 Pro. But what about HDR? It is true that a similar “feature” was available on the consoles of the previous generation, nevertheless, it remains relevant for the consoles of the current generation, including the PS5. Trust me, HDR improves picture quality many times over.

Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony Bravia and more – in today’s article, we’ll show you how to enable HDR for PS5 on various popular 4K TVs. Do not worry, there is nothing complicated in this process – you will not have to call any master.

How to enable HDR on PS5

  1. Turn on your PS5
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Open the section Screen & Video
  4. Select HDR.
  5. Set HDR to value Automatically

How to enable HDR on PS5 for Samsung 4K TVs

On Samsung TVs, HDR is enabled by default in Game Mode. We recommend using this mode in conjunction with low latency. If you are not using Game Mode, you have the option to manually activate HDR for a particular HDMI port. You can check if HDR is enabled by launching a game and switching to the correct HDMI port on your TV. You will see a dialog box in the upper right corner, where it will be indicated whether HDR is activated or not.

  1. Open up Source / Home Screen
  2. Please select HDMI portthat your PS5 is connected to.
  3. Go to Settings TV.
  4. Go to Quick settings
  5. Turn on Game Mode


  1. Open up Settings
  2. Please select Picture
  3. Next select Advanced settings or Picture Mode
  4. Go to HDMI UHD color
  5. Activate this option for the HDMI ports you need.

How to enable HDR on PS5 for LG 4K TVs

LG’s 4K TVs are renowned for their high-quality HDR. To enjoy true “gaming” HDR on your all-new PS5, you’ll need to enable the ULTRA HD Deep Color option for selected HDMI ports.

  1. Click the button Settings
  2. Drop down to option All settings
  3. Go to section General
  4. Please select HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color
  5. Activate this option for the HDMI ports that your PS5 uses.

How to enable HDR on PS5 for Vizio 4K TVs

It should be noted that not all Vizio TV models are capable of producing HDR images on all HDMI ports. Make sure you connect your console to the correct HDMI port.

  1. Open the app SmartCast
  2. Please select Settings
  3. Now select Inputs / Outputs
  4. Select item HDMI Color Subsampling
  5. Enable HDR for suitable HDMI ports.

How to enable HDR on PS5 for Sony Bravia 4K TVs

Sony Bravia 4K TVs start supporting HDR when you enable the Enhanced Format option in the device settings. This option is disabled by default.

  1. Click the button Hometo open the TV menu.
  2. Go down and choose Settings
  3. Please select External inputs / outputs
  4. Next select HDMI signal format
  5. Change the setting value from Standard format on the Improved format

How to enable HDR on PS5 for Panasonic 4K TVs

HDR is supported by only a few of Panasonic TVs, and on these models such functionality must be enabled for each port separately.

  1. Click the button Menu on your console.
  2. Go to the tab Customization in the Main Menu.
  3. Please select HDMI HDR Setting
  4. Specify the HDMI port your console is connected to.
  5. Change the parameter value to On

How to enable HDR on PS5 for Philips 4K TVs

Today’s Philips TVs support HDR, however you need to enable this feature on a per-port basis, just like with the previous manufacturer. By default, Philips TVs operate in Legacy mode – you need to change it to Normal mode.

  1. Click on the button Menu on your remote.
  2. Select item Customization
  3. Go to TV settings
  4. Then select the item Installation -> Preferences
  5. Now select HDMI mode
  6. Pick up HDMI portwhich is used by your PS5.
  7. Switch from mode Legacy on the Normal mode

How to enable HDR on PS5 for TCL 4K TVs

TCL TVs are often cheaper than more popular electronics manufacturers, but they still support HDR. But there is an unpleasant nuance: HDR is not always automatically activated and sometimes it needs to be done manually.

  1. Go to Settings TCL TV.
  2. Please select TV inputs / outputs
  3. Please select HDMI mode
  4. Set the HDMI port you need to mode HDMI 2.0.

Compatibility check

To check if your TV is outputting HDR signal to your PS5, you need to do the following:

  1. Turn on PS5
  2. Go to Settings console.
  3. Please select Screen & Video → Video Output Information.
  4. Make sure that HDR activated.

Start playing!

Many games today support HDR, and therefore we recommend that you always use this technology if you have the appropriate hardware at your disposal. HDR has dramatically improved the picture quality of many PS4 games. The developers have gotten a good handle on HDR on the last generation of consoles, and therefore we can definitely expect even more impressive results from this feature on the PS5 with you.

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