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How to find and unlock all secret missions in Devil May Cry 5?

In Devil May Cry 5, a lot of work has been done on replaying missions. The game supports the ranking of enemy levels and has hidden missions that the player may have missed the first time. Some missions open up access to secret missions. All secret missions are listed in this material.

Starting hidden missions is not difficult, you just need to find the right point. Devil May Cry 5 will reward blue orbs for completing them. With their help, it becomes possible to increase the level of health. You need 4 blue orbs to form a full blue ball.

Where to find and how to unlock secret DMC5 missions?

Now about each mission in more detail.

Mission 1

Location: access opens in the second story mission. Located in the hotel. Due to the fact that this is the first such mission, the game will guide the player in every possible way. Ultimately, the gamer is likely to get to this mission himself.

Passage: this is the simplest secret mission. Her only task is to eliminate all enemies. After killing the surrounding demons, the mission can be considered completed.

Mission 2

Location: becomes available in the third story mission. During the passage, you need to diligently investigate the sewer in which the necessary staircase is located. To identify the glyphs of this secret mission, you need to jump down and stand in the center, and then look up.

Passage: is a rather difficult task that requires you to defeat the demons of the Red Empusa. This is a mission for a while, you need to have time to kill enemies before they run away. To complete the assignment, it is worth using Nero’s devilish powers, such as a rocket-hand, in combination with charged shots.

Mission 3

Location: found inside mission 4.

Passage: to complete the task you need to collect absolutely all the red spheres. To make it easier to do this, it is worth acquiring the fast running skills (Sprint V).

Mission 4

Location: the player gets into the mission during the passage of task number 5.

Passage: this is one of the difficult missions, since its task is to defeat enemies without missing a single blow. It is important to be careful and always stay alert, as well as bring the Nightmare into battle as soon as possible.

Mission 5

Location: Available during the eighth story mission.

Walkthrough: This is a platform nightmare in its purest form. You need to be very dexterous to shoot at the capture points and so alternately break through from one point to another. This can be quite time consuming. The main goal is not to touch the ground.

Mission 6

Location: Inside the ninth mission.

Passage: due to too limited time, it is rather difficult to complete the mission on the first attempt. To successfully complete the task, you need to act aggressively and start by summoning the Griffin, the Shadow. After joining forces, it will become easier to kill enemies.

Mission 7

Location: access opens as you progress through mission 10.

Passage: this is one of the most difficult tests, because you need to hit the Death Scissors in one shot. Damage with any weapon is prohibited. You should aim at vulnerable spots and shoot. The player’s task is to attack the demon so that he necessarily blocks the blows with his scissors. Over time, both parts of the scissors break down. A red marker for aiming appears on the head, it remains only to kill the enemy with a pistol.

Mission 8

Location: 11 task.

Passage: the player’s task is to maintain the rank of the kill style S. To achieve this, you need to alternate techniques and attacks from different types of weapons. If you cannot complete the task, you can turn on the automatic combo (available in the DMC 5 settings). The combo is interrupted if Dante misses at least one hit.

Mission 9

Location: in the catacombs of mission 12.

Passage: the gamer must hold out in the air for 15 seconds. The motorcycle “Cavalry” will help with this. While in the air, you need to attack opponents.

Mission 10

Location: Mission 14

Passage: you should reach the goal without touching the ground. The easiest way is to hover above the ground using the V skill, which allows you to climb onto the back of the Nightmare. First you need to summon the Nightmare, jump down and hold down the Space key during the second press. With the help of the Griffin, it remains only to get to the Nightmare and climb onto his back.

Mission 11

Location: in task 15.

Passage: you just need to get to the goal. Devil Breaker “Killing Stuff” will help with this, because the location contains a lot of such prostheses. The player is interested in the function of hovering with the help of a mechanical hand. You can release your hand through the mouse wheel. With this thing, it is much easier to overcome the many steep slopes on the map.

Mission 12

Location: Access is located in Mission 16.

Passage: the main task is to collect a sufficient number of red orbs. To do this, you need to kill enemies in the S-style. The best weapon for the task is Faust. Faust drops more balls when killing demons. The most effective way is to use a completely improved Faust, then there will be no problems with a set of the required number of balls.

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