• September 28, 2023

How to fix BSOD vgk.sys due to Valorant, Vanguard?

The blue screen of death with the code kmode_exception_not_handled and the vgk.sys file is visible only to those who play games from Riot. This is indicated by hundreds of messages on Reddit… It is logical to assume that the matter is in some system files. However, the problem is that the blue screen of death can appear almost immediately after the computer boots. Some are not even allowed into safe mode, although this is already a rarity and system recovery is required. Everything you need to know about the vgk.sys BSOD can be found below.


It all comes down to Riot Games, but there are several primary sources of the problem:

  • Incorrect Vanguard operation. They all promised to fix it along with the May 30 patch and it looks like it helped, just not everyone.
  • Poor compatibility with 4 core processors. Especially with older Xeons, but the Celeron series is also at risk.
  • Conflict with Corsair Unity Engine drivers. Many Corsair headset owners have this problem.

How to fix BSOD vgk.sys?

There are several effective solutions that work for at least some of the users. Perhaps one of the above will have a positive effect in your case.

What do we have to do:

  • Delete Vanguard… Removing it will help fix the blue screen of death. However, the moment Valorant is launched, it will recover again, possibly along with a BSOD. That is, you have to give up the game, this is the main drawback of this method. This is done with a couple of commands. sc delete vgc and sc delete vgk
  • Reinstall Valorant to another folder… Some users reported that if you uninstall the game and reinstall it, but specify the installation location C: Program Files (x86) in the installation file, the BSOD can be fixed. In this case, the error may appear immediately after installation, but it disappears after restarting the computer.
  • Remove driver CUE… The Corsair Unity Engine driver and its CorsairVBusDriver.sys file conflict with the Valorant anti-cheat. Removing it often helps.

Leave comments about the BSOD vgk.sys error, the methods you tried, hardware and pump your karma. Let’s make this material together in such a way that it helps absolutely everyone in this situation.

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