• March 4, 2024

how to fix crashes, low FPS, freezes, sound and more

Yesterday the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC from Rockstar Games took place. Many players were incredibly happy, but when they tried to launch the toy, they were very disappointed in the form of numerous technical problems. Bugs, freezes, crashes, low frame rates – and the list doesn’t end there.

Are you experiencing any issues yourself in Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC? You’re in luck, because in today’s article we’ll take a look at how to fix the most common bugs at the moment and start playing normally on the PC version of last year’s Western hit from Rockstar.

Rockstar Games Launcher update freezes

Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC requires an up-to-date version of the Rockstar Games Launcher, a proprietary rockstar launcher. Many users complained that the Rockstar Games Launcher update process simply hangs at some point.

In this case, only restarting the Rockstar Games Launcher helps, and not by simply clicking on the cross in the launcher window, but by completing all its processes through the Task Manager. Once you completely restart the Rockstar Games Launcher, the update process will no longer freeze.

Activation required message

For some reason, some players will receive an “Activation Needed” message upon entering Red Dead Redemption 2. Fortunately, this oddity is solved very easily by deleting account information in the Rockstar Games Launcher.

So, open the Rockstar Games Launcher on your computer and open Settings. Next, go to the “Account Information” tab. Now click on the “Delete” button located in the “Delete Profile” section. Confirm your intentions when the relevant question appears on the screen.

Restart the Rockstar Games Launcher and sign in to your account. No more messages with requests to activate the game should not bother you.

Shadowplay does not record video

From time to time, owners of Nvidia graphics cards like to record game videos through Shadowplay. Quite a handy program, nevertheless, some players claim that their Shadowplay can automatically stop recording video at any time. Unfortunately, there is currently no solution for this problem.

Can’t change resolution in Red Dead Redemption 2

One of the main advantages of the PC version of RDR 2 over the console versions is the ability to set any resolution. Some users claim that they are not able to change the in-game resolution, because this option is locked in the graphical settings.

You can easily change the resolution using the Rockstar Games Launcher launch options. Open the launcher and go to its settings. Next, click on Red Dead Redemption 2 in the section with installed games and find the “Launch Options” section.

Now write in the empty line of launch parameters -height Y -width X, replacing Y and X with the values ​​of the resolution you need, for example, if you need to set the standard FullHD, then specify in the line -height 1080 -width 1920. Save the launch parameters and run Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mobile app for RDR 2 not working

Unfortunately, if you wanted to play Red Dead Redemption 2 on a PC with a mobile application, then we hasten to disappoint you: at the moment it simply does not work. Wait for a solution from Rockstar.

Distorted audio in Red Dead Redemption 2

Some players claim that when they start playing Red Dead Redemption 2, they occasionally experience some wheezing, hiss and other sound distortions in the background. The solution is just wait and the problem should resolve itself, according to the messages.

The taskbar and mouse do not disappear

When we set full screen mode in graphics settings, we expect that no elements of the Windows interface will interfere with us during gameplay. Some players complained that the taskbar and mouse remained on the screen when starting Red Dead Redemption 2. In this case, you can try to minimize the game several times, change its resolution. It is also rumored that in this case, restarting the computer helps.

Low FPS in Red Dead Redemption 2

This problem was feared by many players even before the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC. Yes, apparently the PC port is not very well optimized. We can say that the game is rather poorly optimized. Even the owners of the current generation of video cards complain about the low frame rate. The only advice in this situation is to lower the graphics settings and resolution. Well, wait, of course, for patches from Rockstar.

DATA in the center of the screen

This is a rather strange problem … Some have complained that they have the inscription “DATA” in the center of the screen when launching Red Dead Redemption 2 on a PC. As it turns out, the Vulkan API is the culprit for this problem. It is enough to switch to DirectX12 – the inscription will disappear.

RDR 2 freezes, but sound continues to play

A classic issue for PC players. We recommend setting the windowed mode without a border in the graphics settings. Yes, performance in this case may drop, but it’s better than not being able to play at all.

Rockstar Games Launcher does not recognize RDR 2 after reinstalling

Quite a few players, faced with one issue or another when launching Red Dead Redemption 2, felt that reinstalling the Rockstar Games Launcher was a good idea. True, this is quite a sensible idea, but no one could have thought that after reinstalling the Rockstar launcher would stop recognizing the already installed Red Dead Redemption 2. Simply put, everything you need is already installed, but the launcher simply does not see the toy. Solution – start installing RDR 2 in the folder where it is already installed, and the Rockstar Games Launcher will instantly recognize it.

RGL crashes on startup

Problems were found even where they were least expected. Some players stumble upon Rockstar Games Launcher crashes. That is, not that even the game cannot be launched, but even the launcher does not work normally for it. One way or another, some users claim that their Rockstar Games Launcher stopped crashing as soon as they updated their Windows 10 to build 1903.

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