• December 1, 2023

How to fix “CX_FREEZE Fatal Error” in Windows?

“CX_FREEZE Fatal Error” is a rather unpleasant error that has been pestering users of various Windows versions more and more lately. This error can appear in completely different situations: when you click on the Cortana button, when you open the game, or even at a random moment.

What causes the “CX_FREEZE Fatal Error”?

  • Outdated video card drivers. The most common cause of CX_FREEZE Fatal Error is outdated video card drivers. In most cases, this problem occurs at the moment when some resource-intensive application cannot access the files it needs on the system.
  • Corrupted game files. If this error occurs in a Steam game, the problem may be in corrupted files for that game. Some users claim that they were able to get rid of the “CX_FREEZE Fatal Error” by simply reinstalling the game.
  • Corrupted Autodesk Help topic files. If you encounter this error while using Autodesk, it is likely that the help files of the program have been corrupted. You can remedy this by deleting the Streamer folder and setting Autodesk’s update feature to download and install a fresh copy on next startup.

Methods for solving “CX_FREEZE Fatal Error”

CX_FREEZE Fatal Error

Fortunately, there are three reliable methods for solving this problem that will not take long to complete. Let’s take a look at them.

Method # 1 Updating the video card driver

The first thing you should try when a “CX_FREEZE Fatal Error” appears is updating the driver for your graphics accelerator. According to some users, this error occurs when a resource-intensive application cannot access the files it needs to complete the required process. This is usually due to an outdated video card driver.

Do the following:

  1. press the combination Windows + R;
  2. type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter;
  3. expand the “Video adapters” section;
  4. right-click on the name of the video card and select “Update driver”;
  5. select “Search automatically for updated drivers”;
  6. wait for the end of the installation process.

Was Windows able to detect a new driver version and install it? Check if the “CX_FREEZE Fatal Error” has been fixed, and if not, move on.

Method # 2 Reinstalling the game (Steam only)

According to user reports, damage to Steam game files can sometimes cause a “CX_FREEZE Fatal Error” to appear. Falling victim to this problem while trying to play what on Steam? You can try to fix the situation as follows:

  1. open Steam and go to your game library;
  2. find the game that is causing the error in question and right-click on it;
  3. select “Delete”, and then “Delete” again to confirm your intentions;
  4. after uninstalling the game, restart the Steam client;
  5. go to the library and install the remote game again.

Try starting the game that was causing the “CX_FREEZE Fatal Error” to appear and check if the problem is resolved.

Method # 3 Recovering Damaged / Missing Autodesk Help Files

The following method is suitable for all users who come across “CX_FREEZE Fatal Error” while working with a program such as Autodesk. Do the following:

  • press Windows + R;
  • enter the command “% APPLOCALDATA% Autodesk webdeploy meta streamer” (without quotes) and press Enter;
  • delete the folder called “Streamer”;
  • restart your computer and open the Autodesk Update Utility;
  • try starting your Autodesk app again.

The Autodesk update process had to replace the missing and damaged files. Check if the “CX_FREEZE Fatal Error” issue has been resolved.

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