• February 22, 2024

How to fix desktop crashes in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Dragon Age: Inquisition fans are outraged by the constant problems – the crash from the game. After the flight, a window does not appear containing information about the reason for the problem. It is also known that a malfunction manifests itself in different ways for different users. Some are constantly thrown out when trying to leave Skyhold or during any transition to another location. For others, the crash occurs randomly, it can appear many times in a row, or it can occur after several hours of the game. If a crit occurs while saving the game, the save may be corrupted.

Why is Dragon Age: Inquisition crashing?

Many known reasons:

  • Antivirus is blocking the game. A lot of people on the forum have reported that the problem lies in the antivirus software;
  • Crash is due to technology Nvidia 3D Vision… It appeared a long time ago, but it was an additional feature that the game might not use. After one of Nvidia’s updates, the technology was shipped to all computers that support it. Perhaps for this reason, the crash occurs in the Skyhold fortress;
  • The Origin client has a pre-installed menu, it is always enabled in all applications (except for unsupported ones). This menu is capable of provoking crashes without errors;
  • Inflated graphics settings. Frequent problems are caused by setting the chart settings to the “Automatic” state. At the same time, the game used to work properly;
  • Certain parameters in the settings often provoke game crits: tessellation and vertical sync. There are known cases when users managed to fix the problem of crashes by replacing vertical sync to “Adaptive” and Tessellations to “Medium”;
  • Leveling up the next skill for your hero or companion. Now there is a known bug with pumping the skills “Dash with crank” and “Free dash”. This is often the case with computers with a low-performance video card. You can read more about the bug on the page fandom under the heading “Bugs”;
  • The video card or RAM is subject to overclocking.

What will be the actions to solve the crashes?

The correction plan has already been outlined in the previous paragraph, it remains only to consider in detail the necessary actions.

Disable antivirus

This is done simply – through the application panel (which opens after clicking on the arrow in the “Taskbar”). It remains only to make a right-click on the active antivirus and select the item to disable. It can be called differently “Disable protection”, “Stop antivirus” or “Screen control”. After hovering over the desired section, it remains only to select the time for which you want to disable the antivirus. It is recommended that you select Disable before restarting your computer.

Turn off 3D Vision technology

It makes sense to perform the procedure if the video card installed on the computer supports the technology.


  1. Click on the keyboard shortcut Win + R, after which the Run dialog box will open.
  2. Insert the appwiz.cpl entry into the line and press the Enter button on the keyboard. The expected result is the Programs and Features application.
  3. Find the item Nvidia 3D Vision Driver among the proposed list, press RMB and select “Delete”.
  4. Confirm your intention to remove the graphics driver component from Windows.
  5. Restart your PC and check for crits.

Deactivating the built-in Origin menu

You can read more about Origin’s in-game features at page… By and large, this does not cause much harm to the user, because few use the menu functions. If you remember that it can cause crits, then it is easy to decide in favor of disabling the function.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Open the Origin Platform app and sign in to your EA personal profile.
  2. Left-click on the Origin button and select the “Application Settings” option from the menu.
  3. Open the tab titled “Origin In-Game Screen”.
  4. Unselect the line “Enable Origin in the game”.

Changing graphics settings

Much less often, crashes will appear with the following graphics settings:

  • “Vertical sync” should be in the “Adaptive” position;
  • Graphics quality should be set to “Low” or “Automatic”;
  • It is better to set “Tessellation” to “Medium”.

Disabling the “Dash with crank” ability

EA itself is silent about this bug, ignoring its existence. However, the fans themselves have developed a theory according to which the problem lies in the processing of animation by individual video card models. Better to replace the “Free Dash” upgrade with something else.

Returning RAM or video card to normal operation

Better to undo the changes to the RAM and video adapter, as Dragon Age: Inquisition does not work well on overclocked hardware. This is done in the same way as activating overclocking. In software for increasing the clock frequency of equipment, there is often a reset button to the default values. It should be used.

Now the game should not crash on startup or while moving around any location. If something does not work out, it is worth trying again, most likely, somewhere there was an error in the implementation of the methods.


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