• September 30, 2023

How to fix error 0x800C0005 on Xbox Series S / X?

Error 0x800C0005 is most commonly seen when the Xbox Series S console crashes when playing music or a video. A significant part of users who got acquainted with such a failure said that their malfunction went away on its own after a short time. Based on these statements, we can conclude that we are often dealing with a minor system failure. Most likely, the interruption of playback is a consequence of disconnecting the console from the servers. This is a temporary phenomenon that can go away by itself. However, sometimes the user still has to perform several simple actions.

What to do with error 0x800C0005 on Xbox?

If you do not have time to wait or the error is displayed in the system for too long, there are several ways that should help. They fix the main problems: network connectivity problems, operating system crashes, and incorrect NAT.

Method 1: check if there is a network connection

A network connection is required to stream music or video. Moreover, the Internet should not be anyhow, but with sufficient bandwidth. There is a dedicated tool for testing connection quality on Xbox Series S and X.

How to run a connection test:

  1. Press the Xbox key on the controller and go to the “Profile and System” section.
  2. Open “Settings” and in the “General” section click on “Network Settings”.
  3. We select the item “Check network connection”.
  4. If the result is positive, we additionally click on the action button on the “Check network speed” element.


If for streaming audio playback several Mbps are enough, then the video requires at least 5 Mbps and more, depending on the quality of the video. Having found problems, you can close all unnecessary and reboot the router, the speed should rise.

Method 2: restart the console

If the Internet connection is stable, it is worth restarting the console, this will unload all programs from the memory and restart the system. The easiest way to do this is to hold down the Xbox key on your controller and select Restart Console in the Power Center. After confirming the action, a reboot will begin.


Method 3: configure NAT open type

Various network problems, especially in games, can occur due to strict or moderate NAT type. The system may just block the connection to some IP addresses, but this can be fixed.

How to open NAT on Xbox Series S / X:

  1. Go to Settings on the Xbox and select Profile & System.
  2. We select the item “General”, and then – “Network settings”.
  3. In the block with “Advanced settings” we look for the IP-address and write it down.
  4. Open the admin panel of the router (the address and login information are on its label).
  5. We activate the UPnP protocol, it is disabled by default.
  6. We are looking for DMZ in its settings, activate the function and enter the IP address of the console.


In general, this is not a particularly dangerous problem, so these simple steps are enough to fix error 0x800C0005 on Xbox Series S / X.

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