• March 4, 2024

How to fix error 0x87e0000d on Xbox One?

Error 0x87e0000d can be encountered by Xbox One users when they try to install certain games from the Microsoft Store. In addition, this code can be seen even on computers running Windows 10.

What causes error 0x87e0000d?

  • There is a problem with the Xbox Live server.
  • A temporary bug in the Xbox Live services.
  • Console software corruption.

Solution for error 0x87e0000d


Method # 1 Checking Xbox Live Service Status

Most of the time, error 0x87e0000d occurs because the Xbox Live service did not start working correctly. You need to go to the Xbox Live status page and see what exactly the problem is. If you see only green checkmarks, the problem is not with Xbox Live, but with something else. If you see stop signs, Microsoft itself is in trouble. If you have problems with Xbox Live, you just have to wait for a solution.

Method # 2 Installing the game with offline mode

If you encounter error 0x87e0000d while installing the game from physical media, then we recommend that you try to install it offline. Simply put, we put the Xbox One offline and install the desired toy.

To take your console offline, do the following:

  • press the Xbox button in the center of your controller to open the console guide;
  • then go to: System → Settings → General → Network settings;
  • select the option “Disconnect from the network”.

We are trying to install the game again and see if the error 0x87e0000d has disappeared.

Method # 3 Hardware restart Xbox One

From time to time, the Xbox One software starts to work with errors and bugs. In this case, users resort to a so-called hardware restart of the console. This procedure is performed as follows:

  • press and hold the power button on the front of the console for ten seconds;
  • As soon as the console turns off, turn it on again by pressing the same power button or the Xbox button on the controller;
  • if a green animation appears on the screen, the hardware restart is complete.

We are trying to install the game on Xbox One and check for error 0x87e0000d. As a rule, this simple procedure helps most users.

Method # 4 “Soft” reset Xbox One

None of the above could solve your problem? If so, it’s time to move on to resetting your Xbox One console. Don’t worry, all installed games and applications won’t go anywhere. To perform this kind of console reset, do the following:

  • press the Xbox button on the controller;
  • go to: System → Settings → System → Console Information;
  • then select the option “Reset, saving my games and applications.”

We are waiting for the completion of the reset of the Xbox One, after which we set back all the necessary settings on the console and try to install the problematic toy. The error 0x87e0000d by this point should definitely have left you.

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