• February 20, 2024

How to fix error 0x97e10bca on Xbox One?

Error 0x97e10bca may appear on your Xbox One console when using a browser or apps that use the Internet. Some users claim that they encountered this issue immediately after installing the app from the Xbox store and then restarting the console.

Solution for error 0x97e10bca on Xbox One


Solution # 1 Removing all recently installed applications

Based on forum posts, you can get rid of error 0x97e10bca by uninstalling all recently installed apps from your Xbox One console. You should especially try to do this if you got the error immediately after installing the application from the Xbox store.

To remove the app from your console, try the following:

  • press the “Xbox” button on the controller;
  • go to the folder “My games and applications”;
  • then find the application that you want to remove and select it;
  • press the “Menu” button (three horizontal stripes) on the controller;
  • now select the “Application Management” option;
  • press the “Menu” button again and select the “Delete” option;
  • follow the same steps for other applications.

After clearing the console of potentially problematic applications, check for error 0x97e10bca.

Solution # 2 Hard restart your Xbox One console

Perhaps the 0x97e10bca error is nothing more than the simplest bug in the Xbox One software. This problem can be easily corrected by resorting to a hardware shutdown and turning on the device. To complete this procedure, do the following:

  • press and hold the console power button for ten seconds;
  • wait a few minutes and then turn on the console by pressing the power button or the “Xbox” button on the controller;
  • if a green logo appears on the screen – you did everything right, if not – repeat the above steps.

See if error 0x97e10bca is gone from your Xbox One.

Solution # 3 Reset Xbox One settings to factory settings

If none of the above helped you, then it’s time to take more drastic measures. We’re talking, of course, about resetting your Xbox One to factory settings. The process is pretty simple and you won’t lose any personal data. Try to do the following:

  • press the “Xbox” button on the controller;
  • now go through the following path: System -> Settings -> System -> Console info;
  • select the option “Reset console settings”;
  • and finally, select the “Reset and keep my games and apps” option.

Next, you just need to wait for the Xbox One console reset process to complete. Check if error 0x97e10bca is gone or not.

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