• December 5, 2023

How to fix error 0xc00d4e86 on Windows 10?

Error 0xc00d4e86 can be seen on Windows 10 when launching a wide variety of system media players – Xbox Music, Windows Media Player, Groove Music, or Movies & TV fall into this category.

What causes error 0xc00d4e86 to appear?


As a rule, such an error occurs on rather specific PC configurations with a “ten”. For example, users with a Windows 10 computer connected to a DisplayPort or HDMI monitor with built-in audio system may experience a similar problem. Also, this error can occur on monoblocks that output sound via DisplayPort.

The error appears at the moment when you put the computer into sleep mode, while still playing some audio files in the Windows 10 system media players. As soon as the PC wakes up from sleep mode, you will see error 0xc00d4e86, the message of which will differ in depending on which audio playback application you are using.

Is there anything you can do about error 0xc00d4e86?

In fact, you do not need to do anything with this error, because its appearance was conceived by the developers themselves from Microsoft. When your computer goes into hibernation, system media players (and third-party ones too) will not be able to continue playing audio, because the only sound source (aka monitor) was turned off when the PC went into hibernation.

Error code 0xc00d4e86 will not occur if some additional audio output device is connected to your computer. When an error appears, you just need to open the same (or another audio file) and the media player will resume as if nothing had happened.

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