• April 22, 2024

How to fix error 100 in Apex Legends on Xbox, PS4, and PC?

Apex Legends error code 100 is in the spotlight right now. It appears frequently on both Xbox, PS4, and PC consoles. After its appearance, the ability to play disappears, since there is no access to the user record. Now let’s look at what is causing the failure and how we can fix it.

Why does Apex Legends error 100 appear?

The first complaints about the problem began to be recorded on the Internet in the spring of 2019. The developers still haven’t fixed it, so error 100 has been terrorizing players for over a year now. It can appear when loading in the menu, when opening settings, or even in battle. Recently, a failure almost always occurs when authorizing in a profile. The failure can be caused either by DNS outages or server problems.

How to fix Apex Legends 100?

The only known and effective solution for all platforms is to change the DNS addresses specified in the connection. Since PS4 players are more error prone than others, let’s start by fixing them.

Changing DNS on PlayStation 4

We recommend setting the following parameters:

  1. Go to “Settings” and go to the “Network” tab.
  2. We select the “Establish a connection” option, indicate the type of Internet connection and launch the “Special” section.
  3. We recommend leaving the selection of the IP address in automatic mode, we do not fill in DHCP, and we select to enter “Manual” for DNS.
  4. We put the main address, and the secondary one –
  5. Among the MTU parameters, we set the value to 1400, and refuses the proxy.

Save the changes and try to log into your personal Apex Legends account.

Setting up DNS on Xbox One

We follow this instruction:

  1. Go to the “Settings”, in the “Network” tab on the “Additional parameters” page.
  2. Set the DNS values ​​to 8.8.8 and
  3. We save and restart the console.

Editing DNS on PC

Here the procedure is a little more complicated, but it shouldn’t be too complicated either:

  1. Find and open the ncpa.cpl file through the search.
  2. Using the RMB, open “Properties” and go to the “IP version 4” section.
  3. We manually set the DNS addresses: and

Changing the DNS most likely resolved the issue in Apex Legends 100. Please note your platform in the comments and whether the problem was resolved using the described method.

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