• February 22, 2024

How to fix error 104 in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends has an annoying bug called “Error 104”, which is accompanied by a laconic, meaningless description “Sorry, something went wrong” or “Oops something went wrong, try again later“. Let’s try to figure out what is causing the crashes in this case and how to fix it.

Error 104 in Apex Legends occurs on both PS4 and Xbox One. but the owners of the PC version can be calm (at least with regard to this particular bug).

Apex Legends error 104 on Xbox One

While we don’t know exactly what is causing this, many believe the issue is due to EA’s age restrictions setting, as the game is only intended for an adult audience. Most of the people getting the error on Xbox One used or had a Child Account on their console. To fix the problem, you can create a new Gametag, or delete a profile with child restrictions. Please note, if you create a new Gamertag, make sure that the profile is over 18 years old.

Error 104 in Apex Legends on PS4

On the PlayStation 4, the bug appears to be happening in the same way. Make sure you use your PSN ID as your main console account.

We hope that these suggestions will be useful to you, if they did not work, you just have to wait for a new patch that will fix the error.

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