• August 10, 2022

How to fix error 43 in Valorant yourself?

One of the most common errors in the popular game Valorant is associated with Code 43. The text of the message says: “An error occurred while connecting to the platform. Please restart the game client. ” The main problem is that it is not always connected to the client side, sometimes it appears due to the disconnection of servers. Sometimes running as an administrator helps here, but most of the time it crashes when downloading an update from Riot Games or during maintenance. There are also situations when error 43 in Valorant does not disappear for a long time, despite the fact that all work has long been completed. For those users, we have a couple of proven solutions.

How to fix error 43 in Valorant?

Error code 43 appears whenever the connection to the remote server times out. This leads to the logical conclusion that the first step is to check the availability of servers and the absence of warnings from the developers. Only after this action can we proceed to corrections.

Method 1: uninstall Riot Vanguard

If after restarting the game client the problem does not go away by itself, you should try uninstalling Riot Vanguard. This can be easily done using the icon minimized in the operating system tray or using the standard “Programs and Features” tool. Having found the desired application, all that remains is to uninstall it.

Method 2: stop multitasking

We’ve read many times that Valorant error code 43 appears for those who like to play around with multitasking. When switching between tabs using Alt + Tab keys, the game may experience connection failures. You should refrain from third-party applications, at least for the duration of the connection to the server.

Method 3: delete yaml file

We are talking about a profile file, more precisely, the game settings associated with the account. If you delete one item, you have to re-enter the game, this should most likely fix error 43 in Valorant.

What should be done:

  1. Run the Run line and insert% AppData% here.
  2. Next, you need to go to the Riot Games folder, and find the Data folder in the client directory. The approximate path is C: Users USERNAME AppData Local Riot Games Riot Client Data.
  3. Delete the RiotClientPrivateSettings.yaml file.
  4. Re-login to your account and check the result.

There is usually no need to reinstall the game, if the problem is not in the client, then the error will disappear by itself after the completion of technical work on the servers. For news from Riot Games, follow them on Twitter or at Reddit

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