• July 5, 2022

How to fix error 511 CPU Fan not detected?

Obviously, error 511 CPU Fan not detected refers to a CPU cooler that cannot be detected. That is, the BIOS does not see the CPU fan and urgently shuts down the computer to prevent overheating and failure. In this case, there are situations when the fan continues to rotate and even at maximum speed. There are also cases when the cooler spins up and stops right before the error appears. Our current goal is to understand the root cause of the problem and get Windows back to working properly.

Causes of Error 511

CPU Fan not detected can appear due to several main reasons:

  • Cooler malfunction and not only it. Less often, but a breakdown can be with the motherboard or power supply.
  • Too much dust and dirt that interferes with fan operation and normal detection.
  • Bad contact on motherboard cooler connectors.
  • Incompatibility of the cooler with the motherboard, cooling heatsink.
  • Incorrect fan speed.

How to fix error 511 CPU Fan not detected?

You should start by opening the case of the system unit or removing the back cover of the laptop and looking at the reaction of the cooler to the start button. If it doesn’t rotate at all, it may well be jammed or damaged. In other cases, the problem may be in the BIOS or the contacts of the cooler.

Check the quality of the fan connection

511 CPU Fan not detected

The very first and easiest action to implement is to remove the cooler connector, clean it with compressed air and reconnect it. Just be sure to turn off the computer before doing this, as well as before any other actions inside it.

Clean cooling system

A lot of users wrote that after cleaning the cooling system, error 511 disappeared. We have 2 ways: faster and better. As a simple solution, you can use a can of compressed air. It is worth blowing the blades and the radiator with it, and also manually check that it rotates easily, without extraneous sounds. It is also recommended to inspect the cooler for physical damage.

511 CPU Fan not detected

We recommend removing the CPU fan completely and cleaning everything with a vacuum cleaner and a brush. To do this, you need to unscrew the screws or fold back the latches on which it is held. You also need to remove the cable from the connector on the motherboard. It is also worth applying new thermal grease. This kind of maintenance should be done every year, and it probably hasn’t been done in a long time.

Replace cooler

511 CPU Fan not detected

Unfortunately, even visually, the working cooler can be faulty. That is, it spins, everything is as usual, but the system does not detect the fan due to an open control circuit. In such a case, a replacement would be the best solution. It should also be borne in mind that non-standard coolers from other manufacturers may not work correctly. Better to use an original fan.

Adjust BIOS rotation speed

It seems that too low fan speed can also cause the problem. The most efficient way to get it back on line is to reset the BIOS. However, it is much easier to use SpeedFan programs, of course, provided that it is possible to start the computer, that is, the error does not appear at every start.

If error 511 CPU Fan not detected is displayed, you need to check the quality of the contacts, clean the cooler and processor heatsink, and then connect another fan. At one stage, everything should start normally. However, there is one tricky way – to connect the processor cooler to another connector (usually there is a fan on the case), and this one is already connected to the CPU fan input. We do not approve of such a decision, since with an increased power of work, the iron can overheat.

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