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How to fix error 6068 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

There are many bugs in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that are related to connecting to servers. Let them be much less, but there are failures of a different kind, which often remain without explanation. These are errors that prevent the game from starting. To fix them, you have to do a bit of work with the files. Developer error 6068 occurs immediately after clicking the Play button in Battle.net or 10 minutes after launch. It causes the player to be thrown to the desktop, and CoD: Modern Warfare is closed in parallel.

How to fix error 6068 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

Some users noted that they were able to get rid of the crash after updating the graphics card and chipset drivers to the latest versions. This doesn’t work very often, so the next step is to check the game files. Below are all the known methods that you can try with error 6068.

Change the VideoMemoryScale parameter

Modern Warfare is quite resource intensive, and the VideoMemoryScale element changes the amount of video memory used by the game. True, it can only be changed manually through the system files.

What should be done:

  1. Go to the Players folder inside the My Documents section of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare directory.
  2. Find and open the adv_options.ini file with notepad.
  3. Find the line VideoMemoryScale in the file (you can use the search) and set the value to 0.5 or 0.55. The default is 0.85.

How to remove error 6068 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

This setting will result in reduced video memory consumption, allowing the operating system to run more stably.

Run the game in DirectX 11 mode

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare uses DirectX 12 by default if supported by the system. This is the most advanced technology for improving the quality of graphics. However, some computers are still not very stable with it. Most likely the matter is in hardware incompatibility or damaged update files. To fix the problem, you can run the game with DirectX 11.

How to fix error 6068:

  1. Launch Battle.Net and click on “Options” – located in the lower left corner next to the start button.
  2. Go to the “Game settings” section and check the box next to “Additional command line arguments”.
  3. Insert into the text line -d3d11

error 6068 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

For those who receive an error message when launching the game, this solution should work.

Reduce graphics quality and disable all unnecessary

Activision has not officially commented on the issue, but many reports indicate that the error appears at times of heavy load on the system. Several factors push this limit: increased graphics settings and background apps. It is recommended to go to the options and set more modest picture settings. One of the most demanding settings is ray tracing, it is best to turn it off. You should also look at the task manager, perhaps there are some background programs that are consuming CPU or GPU resources. They need to be completed.

Enable High Performance Mode for Graphics Card

In games like Modern Warfare, it’s not so much the maximum graphics that matters as the performance. This is not just a useful wish, but also a way to get rid of the problem. The method is triggered when there are various driver errors.

How to enable on AMD:

  1. Open AMD Radeon Settings or Control Center.
  2. Select the “Settings” option and go to the “Advanced Radeon Settings” section.
  3. In the “Power” section, you need to click “Global settings for switchable graphics”.
  4. Set the value to “High performance” and click on the “Apply” button.

error 6068 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

How to enable the option on Nvidia:

  1. Using the right mouse button on the desktop, you need to open the “Nvidia Control Panel”:
  2. Select the option “Adjust Preview Image Settings” and select “Use Highlighting My Preferences.”
  3. Move the slider to the “Best Performance” position.

error 6068 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

We also heard that the problem mainly occurs for users with computers with up to 3000 MHz RAM. If you put a bracket with a higher frequency in the connector, the error can be corrected. If possible, check this method.

We cannot help anything else, all known methods have been analyzed. All that remains is to contact Blizzard technical support.

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