• April 22, 2024

How to fix error CE-112839-4 on PS5?

The official documentation states that the CE-112839-4 error on the PS5 is a network connection failure. Most likely this is the case, but many users have encountered it under strange circumstances – when switching or exiting sleep mode. In general, PS5 sleep is poorly worked out. Our assumption is that while the console was in its sleep, it received an update and tried to install it, but it could not due to a connection problem. This is how the CE-112839-4 code appeared among the list of errors on the PS5.

Due to the novelty of the error, not much is known about it, but several effective solutions have already been found. Here’s what might help:

  • Sign out and re-sign in your account… If you are not logged in, you need to go through this procedure. The user will have to open the “Settings” and in the “Users and accounts” section select “Account”, and then click on the “Login” button. After entering all the data, it is worth restarting the console.
  • Switch to cable internet connection or at least shorten the distance between the router and the console. The network may be unstable and prone to loss.
  • Reboot routerletting it stand in the off position for several minutes. Perhaps it’s the router’s Wi-Fi settings, then a restart might help.

If you find more complex communication problems, you will have to reset the router settings, change DNS, or contact your ISP. In most cases, this will not be required.

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