• July 5, 2022

How to fix error CE-30391-6 on PlayStation 4?

Error code CE-30391-6 on PlayStation 4 is quite mysterious and extensive. Many users encounter it, but there is no official information, and it was not possible to find normal sources. We collected information bit by bit, studying what helped whom and who. It got to insane – the PlayStation 4 started to work only in an upright position. And yet there is a reason for this error.

Why does error CE-30391-6 appear?

The main reason for the CE-30391-6 error is the wrong time. It looks like the PS4 is comparing the game’s announcement time with the current one. If she finds that the time on the console is less than the date of the announcement, an error appears. As if the game has not yet been released and cannot be launched. Perhaps this is not only the case, as people have been helped by solutions related to network settings. However, it certainly often concerns time.

How to fix error CE-30391-6 on PS4?

Time will be one of the fronts of activity, it must be set correctly and this is not always as obvious as it sounds. The failure can touch the battery and even break the motherboard. The second area of ​​activity is Internet tuning.

What to do in case of error CE-30391-6 on PS4:

  • Set the correct time manually… We need to turn off the automatic time adjustment via the Internet and set it manually. To do this, go to “Settings” on the “Date and time” tab. It is important to be sure to uncheck the automatic time adjustment box.
  • Replace battery 2032… When it starts to discharge, time is constantly skipping. This often manifests itself as soon as the time reaches exactly 1 hour (9:00, 10:00, 11:00, etc.). It is worth replacing the battery (it is on the board).

How to fix error CE-30391-6 on PlayStation 4?

  • Refresh console… This is important as Sony seems to have some kind of defense mechanism in place. After changing the battery, it is imperative to update the system, otherwise the error will not go away.
  • Connect via Wi-Fi… An important nuance – the console often does not work when distributing the Internet from a smartphone. It is worth trying to distribute the Internet through a router, even from a phone. The same should be done and vice versa, if it does not work with a Wi-Fi router, you can try to connect to a mobile hotspot.
  • Deleting games that have no trophies… If you have a game on your console where there are no achievements (trophies), PSN may behave somehow strangely. In addition to removing such a game, installing a new one, for example, from a disk, may work.
  • Database recovery… The procedure might work, it runs in safe mode.

How to fix error CE-30391-6 on PlayStation 4?

There is another complex method that works, but is too time consuming. Maybe someone will come in handy, so I just leave it to him link

So far, these are all variations of error CE-30391-6 on PS4 that we have heard about. It also happens that there are some irregularities on the board, perhaps one of the battery power tracks is damaged. However, this has to be clarified only at the service center.

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