• July 5, 2022

How to fix error NP-103085-7 on PlayStation 5?

Error NP-103085-7 on PlayStation 5 appears for those who are trying to transfer their cloud saves from the console of the previous version of PlayStation 4. Every time the player starts syncing personal data, an error is displayed. On the Internet, it is often recommended to restore licenses, log out and log into your account, and other standard actions, but they work very rarely. We have compiled a list of methods that have the highest chances of a positive outcome. All of them are verified by real users.

Causes of Error NP-103085-7

There is no information from Sony developers yet, so we have to be guided by logic. Based on user reports, the problem is:

  • Accidental crash on PS4 or PS5.
  • Unconfirmed email.

What to do if you get error NP-103085-7?

Dozens of videos, topics on forums and feedback from active users allowed us to compile a list of those procedures that can really work. Moreover, we have seen dozens of positive responses about a banal reboot, so it’s worth trying the action too. Some argue that it was not a normal reboot that worked for them, but disconnecting the hard drive (for a while). After this procedure, it is worth moving on to other working methods.

How to fix error NP-103085-7 on PS5:

  • Enable data synchronization with the server on PS4 for a day… It looks like it might be a temporary error that the console will bypass itself at some point in time. There will be no problems with data recovery on PS5. The main disadvantage of this method is that you need a PS4 console that you played on before.
  • Email confirmation… It helps a lot for many people. First, you should go to your PSN account and request a confirmation email (in your profile settings). For those who do not work with this method, changing the mailing address may help. You most likely have a backup email address.
  • Transfer data manually. PS4 allows you to copy user data and use an external hard drive to transfer to another console, in this case PS5.
  • Reset the console. The most radical action, but sometimes necessary. Tellingly, they often indicate the need to perform two discharges. After the first, the problem persists, and after the second, the game console starts to work stably.

We are unable to foresee all the scenarios for the development of the situation with the error NP-103085-7 on the PS5, and we understand that there are cases that get out of this scheme. Therefore, we ask for help – describe your situation in the comments, in particular: when it appears, what did you try to fix and whether you managed to fix the error. Our last recommendation is to just wait. If nothing else works, the error may go away in a few days.

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