• October 3, 2023

How to fix fatal errors in World of Tanks Blitz, 0xc0000005, 0x00000000, crits, etc.?

World of Tanks Blitz players on PC around the world are faced with fatal errors, codes 0xc0000005, 0x00000000, startup problems, writing to disk, and others. We’ve put together some of the most common issues and suggested fixes for them.

How to fix errors in World of Tanks Blitz?

For many years, World of Tanks Blitz has been a leader among MMO games, especially in its niche (battles involving vehicles). She has the largest fan base and a good developer, but this is not a guarantee of stable work. All the same, various errors often come across. Details on how to fix them are below.

Fatal error fix

Fatal Error is a crash that causes World of Tanks Blitz to shut down. It is often found in all computer games, including WoT.

To fix it, we recommend:

  • Update GPU drivers. If the problem happened just after the update, you should roll back the software.
  • Check if the video adapter supports DirectX DX 11 can be implemented in older graphics cards, but with limited functionality.
  • Manually tell the laptop to use a discrete graphics card to run the game. To do this, go to the “NVidia Control Panel” through the PCM on the desktop and in the “Manage 3D Settings” section, select the game and allow it to use the “High-performance Nvidia processor”. Similar settings should be made for AMD graphics as well.

Remove error 0xc0000005

If the error 0xc0000005 prevents you from playing World of Tanks Blitz, you should adhere to the following solution methods:

  • Disable antivirus along with Windows Defender. They can block the operation of game modules, which causes the error. A temporary shutdown will allow you to diagnose the problem, and then we can make a decision. Perhaps, to fix the error, it will be enough to add the shortcut of the game to the exceptions.
  • We scan the system. Paste sfc / scannow into the command line and press Enter to scan system files and fix them automatically. This often helps.

How to fix error 0x00000000?

This issue is related to the Windows build. Usually, either updating the operating system or rolling it back to a previous version helps.

What to do when the game won’t turn on or is criticized at startup?

Players are reporting massively that they are having launch issues. They can be caused by a variety of problems. All known fixes are presented below:

  • We check the availability of administrator rights for the game. To do this, go through the RMB to “Properties” and in the “Compatibility” section set the appropriate checkbox.
  • Disable third-party monitoring software. Especially the MSI Afterburner is often complained about. However, it is better to completely abandon other programs at the time of launching the game.
  • Disable antivirus and Windows Defender.

Fixing a disk write error

The problem occurs in many computer games, so the fixes have been known for quite some time:

  • We issue administrator rights, and not only for World of Tanks Blitz, but also Steam.
  • Open the command line and sequentially enter diskpart, list disk, select disk No. – instead of No., enter the number of the disk with the game, which we received as a result of previous manipulations. The last stage is attributes disk clear readonly.
  • We reinstall problem files. Go to the directory with “Steam / logs / content_log and look for the line” failed to write “Extract the path from here, follow it and delete the problem file. Now in the Steam client, we start scanning the game through the “Properties”.

Freezes, lags, and other performance issues

Does World of Tanks Blitz work with low fps, lags a lot, freezes or periodically drops the frame rate? Here’s what we recommend:

  • Update the drivers for the video card.
  • Make sure there are enough free resources for the processor, graphics card, and hard drive.
  • Setting up the graphics. You need to go to the “Nvidia Control Panel” in the “Manage 3D Settings” section on the “Program Settings” page, select World of Tanks Blitz. For the parameter “Power management mode” set “Prefer maximum performance”. Set the “Texture filtering quality” setting to the “High performance” position. The last moment – turn on vertical sync, while turning it off in the game itself.

This is all the information available to us about fixing World of Tanks Blitz errors at startup, with codes 0xc0000005, 0x00000000, problems with writing to disk.

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