• September 28, 2023

How to fix “Invalid Response Received” error on YouTube?

I get an Invalid Response Received error whenever I try to access YouTube on my mobile phone. The page with the video is loading, but instead of the video, it gives me this error. Can someone advise something sensible.

Typically, YouTube video hosting works without a hitch 24/7. However, some users periodically still encounter certain errors when trying to use the services of a popular resource. One of these errors is Invalid Response Received – and today we will show you how to get rid of it in no time.

Invalid Response Received Error Solution

Invalid Response Received

Solution # 1 Using a different browser

Many users who have encountered the Invalid Response Received error, as a rule, begin to go through various solutions in an attempt to get rid of the problem that has arisen. One such solution is to use a different browser.

Try using any additional browser and check if the error appears in it. If it is not there, the problem is in your primary browser. In this case, you can try reinstalling the browser or resetting its settings.

Solution # 2 Checking your Google account name

The Invalid Response Received error can occur when watching various YouTube videos if you have not specified a name for yourself in your Google account settings. Yes, it sounds pretty damn strange, but the absence of a name can really cause some problems when using Google services.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • open your browser and go to the Google page (no matter which one);
  • click on the picture of your account in the upper right corner and select “Manage Google Account”;
  • go to the “Personal Information” tab and click on the “Name” item in the “Basic Information” section;
  • put the name and surname for your account in the appropriate boxes and click on the “Save” button;
  • restart your browser.

At first glance, such a solution may seem completely meaningless, but it works, which is confirmed by a huge number of users on the Internet.

Solution # 3 Deactivating Brave Shield and ad blockers

The Invalid Response Received error is often reported by users of the Brave browser. In this case, problems on video hosting can be caused by the functionality of Brave Shield – a proprietary ad blocker and other “nasty”, which is built directly into the Brave browser itself.

Click on the Brave Shield icon near the address bar and deactivate the blocker using the corresponding switch, then reload the YouTube page. If the error has disappeared, then we recommend the following:

  • completely reinstall the Brave browser;
  • Disable Brave Shield at all times when you go to YouTube.
  • switch to another browser with similar functionality.

Not using Brave? It doesn’t matter because the above solutions work for users using other browsers / blocker extensions too. Disconnect, watch and draw conclusions.

Solution # 4 Switching to the YouTube mobile app

In the YouTube mobile app, you are guaranteed not to see Invalid Response Received and other similar errors. The only disadvantage of the app is the presence of ads. Yes, there is quite a lot of it, and the video hosting itself will periodically offer you a premium subscription, but the application is stable and fast.

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