• July 5, 2022

How to fix update error code 0x8007012a in Windows 10, 11?

A number of users have posted their bug reports with code 0x8007012a. All of them indicate its appearance at the time of an attempt to download a certain update. Usually we are talking about those updates that the system tries to download through Windows Update. This includes the latest versions of various software. It is characteristic that a second attempt to download an update is usually terminated by the same error 0x8007012a in Windows 10, 11. Below we will describe everything that we have found out about the problem.

Causes of error 0x8007012a in Windows 11/10

As far as we know from user reports, there are several main reasons for the problem:

  • Windows servers responsible for updating are temporarily unavailable;
  • various Windows Update issues;
  • damage to some components of the update.

What to do with error 0x8007012a?

Let’s start right away with an unpleasant moment – there is no full-fledged and universal solution to error 0x8007012a, since very often its appearance is associated with the unavailability of servers. In about 70% of cases, people write that they encounter an error temporarily. An hour, day or week later, the update can still be downloaded and installed using the standard Windows Update system tool. However, this does not always mean that you just have to wait. We can offer several tactics that can bring a positive result.

What you can do to fix error 0x8007012a:

  • Eliminate possible update issues… Of course, you need to check the Internet, the battery level (more than 50%) or connect to the network, and also run the troubleshooting tool. Restarting update services or deleting the cache may also work.
  • Download update via OEM developer tool… Most laptop manufacturers offer their own update utilities. Dell has Dell Update Utility, Asus has MyASUS BIOS, Lenovo has Lenovo System Update Tool, HP has HP Support Assistant. With their help, you can update the most necessary software, and without getting an error.
  • Manually download and install the update… Here official site with all current versions of Windows updates. From here you can download the update that fails with a standard installation. If we are talking about software, it can also be downloaded from the developer’s website and installed manually.

Error 0x8007012a on Windows 11/10 is a common network error that mainly appears due to server side issues. However, there are many stories of successful manual crash fixing or workaround.

Due to the newness of the error, perhaps we could not take into account all the variations in its appearance and ways of fixing it, so we need your help. Describe your situation in the comments, this will help make the material more comprehensive.

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