• February 22, 2024

how to get a birthday present? Traveler’s birthday cake

Genshin Impact gives players gifts: free primohems and valuable materials to improve weapons, artifacts and character. But another thing is interesting – will miHoYo present something other than this to travelers in some specific day for them?

With the release of update 1.1 fans of this MMO project, they are busy completing a fairly large number of quests with unique content. Players are not only offered “probe»New characters, but also to participate in time-limited events.

And with all this, people who have a birthday in October or Novemberalready can get something special.

Genshin Impact: How to Get the Traveler's Birthday Cake

At the moment, many were able to see already three messages from playable characters whose context clearly speaks about birthday… And in each of them you can find special set of gifts

Although they are all written on behalf of the playable characters, gamers in addition will really get special note along with a rather interesting subject – “Traveler’s cake“From the game developers themselves. True, there is one “but” – you need #cc99ff;”>set a birthday before the onset of such activity on the part of the game.

So what is this cake and how do you get it?

How to pick up the Traveler cake

Getting this item looks pretty simple – you just need to play Genshin Impact on your birthday, specified during registration… Although the characters also have their own date, on this day the player will only receive modest gift as a couple of objects.

The content of the message from the miHoYo developers on the occasion of the player’s birthday, we are in this article we will not disclose – it’s better for gamers to get acquainted with it by yourself… But we will still tell you about the attachment inside – this is desired item entitled “Traveler Cake“. To take it, you just need to enter the game and check the folder “Inbox“.

When using it, the gamer will receive two things: one weak resin and, interestingly, an unusable copy of the cake.

Drop after interacting with an edible cake

So yes, players can eat their cake and leave it as a keepsake.

Consumable will restore 60 units original resin, which in turn can be used to receive rewards from Meteorite Remains in the second phase of the new event “Lost stars”Or, more broadly, to receive rewards from the Flowers of Illumination. The player himself, if he wants, will make a thick resin out of it, which will allow him to receive more serious rewards from those flowers.

Traveler cake

When gamers run out of original resin, they need to either use premium currency, or wait for the game timer will slowly restore resource. Considering this, fragile resin Is a welcome item for many Genshin Impact fans.

Gamers who have not yet created an account, but who have already passed their birthdays, such a gift this year will not receive… Therefore, if they want to pick it up, when creating an account, you just need to assign yourself fictitious date of birth… Yes, in that case, of course, the gift will come, however that’s not quite rightas if they got a surprise from the game on a real birthday.

Traveler Cake – pretty useful, although it is issued only once a year. Using it wisely will maximize the benefits in the world of Genshin Impact.

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