• September 28, 2023

how to get a license key in Origin for free

Battlefield 2042 Released to Unite Worldwide Gamers on the Battlegrounds and Throw Them Down modern warfare, will take place already in october… In the meantime, you have a great opportunity to remember the history lessons together with Battlefield 5 and take part in the events of the Second World War – a grandiose military conflict of the XX century

Battlefield 5

You can join the great past with the greatest benefit now, because we will tell you how to pick up a Battlefield V giveaway or buy it for just $ 1

About the game

Developments Battlefield 5 occur on the front line and behind enemy lines the largest armed confrontation throughout the history of mankind. With the help of a number of technical and narrative techniques, the developers of the game not only recreated the chronology of the military conflict, but demonstrated it from a new side for the players. Of the interesting features:

  • Single player campaign as a series War stories… Each of them tells about the fate of ordinary people, whose lives are closely intertwined with the war, and demonstrates their significance on each of the existing fronts: from sabotage in the Norwegian mountains to special operations in North Africa.
  • Back to basics in network operations. Large-scale battles before 64 people in 8 locations and 20 maps in classic modes (Conquest returns), a variety of ground and air vehicles, as well as a tribute to modern gaming traditions in the form of a thematic battle royale “Fire storm”
  • The emergence of elite fighters. Taking part in battles in the guise of such warriors, players adopt not only their appearance and voice, but also their character, coupled with special addictions in close combat. Finishing scenes using unique edged weapons look pretty impressive.

The presence of two types of in-game currency in Battlefield V allows you to additionally customize characters, elements of their weapons and equipment. War Coins earned directly in the game for participating in regular special operations and seasonal events, and “currency” bought for real money.

System requirements

Battlefield V has good optimization and loyal requirements for the characteristics of the PC.

Without ray tracing support:

With ray tracing support:

How to get a Battlefield V key for free [ ~ 10 мин]

In honor of the imminent release of Battlefield 2042, Amazon Prime Gaming has launched Giveaway Battlefield 5 for subscribers of their service. In order to pick up a valuable gift, you must:

1. Register on the site Amazon, log in with the created account on the Prime Gaming page and link a bank card… The complete registration process is detailed in the screenshots.

Click “Try Prime”:

Create a new account:

Prime Video registration

Enter the payment details of the bank card:

We indicate information about the place of residence (see note):

Prime Gaming address

To complete the process of linking the card, the service will require you to enter information about its owner (name, phone number, residential address and postal code). This information must be provided in accordance with US law.

After completing the procedure, the checksum will be written off from the bank card in the amount of 1 $… This is required to verify your billing information. After a while, the funds will be returned to the account, and you will get access to 7-day trial of Prime Gaming

2. Go to the Battlefield 5 giveaway page and pick up a licensed copy of the game.

Battlefield 5 Giveaway

After receiving the key, the product need to activate in Origin. Read more about the activation process below.

Don’t forget to unlink your bank card in Amazon settings. Otherwise, after the end of the free trial period, it will be charged monthly for the full Prime Gaming subscription.

How to buy a Battlefield V key [ ~ 1 мин]

On the other hand, there is an opportunity to do it easier. Those who don’t want to bother with the subscription can simply purchase game license key for Origin for 60 ₽ (less 1 $).

After payment, you will be taken to the purchase page, from where you can copy the key with the game and activate it on Origin

Battlefield 5 - buying a key

The key and information about the purchase will be duplicated in the letter that will come to the email specified when paying.

How to activate your Battlefield V key

The sequence of actions for activating the product is shown in the screenshots below:

Everything! The game will now appear in your library and you can download it. Enjoy your immersion in the thick of things World War II

Do not forget to write your opinion about the fifth part of the franchise in the comments, as well as whether you are waiting for Battlefield 2042.

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