• May 29, 2022

How to get dirt and sand in The Survivalists

Dirt and sand are key resources in The Survivalists game. These components cannot be created, they need to be found. Mud, like sand, is not among the first materials available, because just starting the survival process, you will not yet have the necessary tools to extract it.

Blueprints are the basis of construction and crafting. Thanks to blueprints, you can create items and gain access to new tools. At the start, only one blueprint for the tool is provided: a hand ax. After its creation, the following are unlocked. A similar principle applies to objects. The first item you need to make is the bed. Then comes the fire pit. After creating a bed and a fire pit, players gain access to a workbench, which significantly expands the possibilities of crafting. To build a workbench, you need two pieces of stone, three ropes, and three pieces of wood. You can now create a primitive shovel at the workbench to get dirt and sand. The shovel needs the following components: a tool handle, a piece of rock, and two ropes.

You will find mud in meadows, open and green grassy areas, usually located near the beaches. Sand is mined from the sandy part of the beaches (if you try to dig elsewhere on the beach, it will only result in pebbles). As you develop these two materials, remember to include your monkey companions in the process. If you press the train button, dig for a couple of seconds, and then hand the shovel to the monkey, he will continue to dig the surroundings in search of dirt, sand and other components. Just come back later to collect them. With enough mud and sand, you can start building important parts of the camp such as windows, stone walls and a forge, as well as craft various high-end items, including weapons to defend your base.

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