• June 18, 2024

How to get Elon Musk’s flamethrower in Borderlands 3?

A distinctive feature of Borderlands 3 is the widest choice of weapons and a whole sea of ​​Easter eggs. It’s funny, but sometimes it seems that you stumble upon some kind of Easter egg or reference literally at every turn. In today’s article we will talk with you about one of the best guns / easter eggs – the PP flamethrower, the prototype of which is the flamethrower from Elon Musk!

Just look at this shine, this shape, these characteristics! How can you get this legendary cannon for yourself? First you need to go to the shelter and activate Mayhem Mode III. It is imperative to do this immediately after completing the story campaign. It should also be remembered that this mode is considered one of the most difficult and is only suitable for trained gamers.

In theory, you can farm the flamethrower at other levels and in other modes, but it is in Mayhem Mode III that the probability of its drop is highest.

After setting the mode, you need to head to the planets Athens. Let’s clarify right away that there are no fast travel points near the destination, and the location itself is located far from the main region. Therefore, be prepared for certain difficulties with farming, as you will have to constantly run from a distant point to discard enemies. But, according to users, this makes sense, since the flamethrower is most likely to drop out here.

Upon arrival at the point on the left side of the map, find the yellow stone and climb it. This will open up a view of the battle of the Malivans with the Rachs. Here you need to find Chupacabra – a legendary monster that Hammerlock asked to destroy. Chupacabra needs to be killed, and after completing the level, you are guaranteed to receive many rewards, including a flamethrower.

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