• December 6, 2023

How to get free robux in Roblox?

Game currency works wonders. In Roblox, robux is the easiest way to become the coolest. And you don’t have to pay real money for this! We share proven methods.


Roblox is a huge open world project that allows players to create their own games, such as in Gary’s Mod. However, here on your servers hundreds of people will play, and you won’t have to pay for maintenance! While there is no need to pay for Roblox, the local in-game currency (Robux) can make the gameplay much more interesting, and it is paid. A beautiful skin and interesting cosmetic improvements to the character are the first things that make the player stand out in Roblox. And then there are promotional codes and subscriptions, with which you can become a unique gamer!

If you need Roblox promo codes, then we have a special link for you.

However, none of this will help you become the best in the game if you don’t have the right skills. To reach the top of the TOP, you need not only free robux. You will have to learn all the cards well (here is a complete selection of them), as well as learn how to play Roblox on the computer.

So how to get robuxes for free? We have several effective ways – honestly, without cheating!

Affiliate program works wonders


Roblox has affiliate program, which makes it possible to receive a free robux for each new player who installed the game using the invitation link. If your friend, after registration, also buys something in the play store, then developers will share part of the earnings in the form of Robux! A quick, easy and convenient way to get game currency, but you won’t be able to farm a lot like that.

If you have puzzled over how to earn robuxes on your phone, then this method is perfect for you. The affiliate program works on all versions of the game.

Rescue links


Robux is issued by developers not only for a downloaded game, but also for a simple click on a link! Of course, with this method it will turn out to farm a lot less currency, but almost nothing to do!

A Roblox link is a special hyperlink to the game itself or to some product from the store. It can be created by clicking on the “share on social networks” button on any page of the official website.

Follow the instructions strictly! You can get robux for clicks only if you did everything right. Robux is not given out for free if the gamer simply copied the link from the browser and sent it to his friend, because such a click cannot be tracked.

Create your own game


The fastest way to get 1,000,000 robux for free is to create a popular mini-game. Of course, this method takes a lot of time and effort, but nowhere can you get privileges without effort, even in the game! But all efforts will be rewarded with free Robux in full.

Fortunately, Roblox makes it very easy to create your own mini-games, and you don’t need to graduate in map building to do so. You don’t even need to know how to program! Obstacle course (one of the most popular maps in the game) can be constructed using game methods, without a line of code!

YouTube has a huge amount of instructions for those who still want to learn how to do something special in Roblox. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone! You can get a robot and learn how to make mini-games.

Link and personal play – two in one


Free robux 2020 can be farmed with a cunning method – combining the above two ways… In this case, the game currency will drip both for a personal game and for each click. It turns out that even if the gamer is not interested and does not go to the map you have created, you will still get some free robux per click!

For everything to work properly, you will need in Roblox Studio, click “Publish” and send the map link to all your social networks… Only in this way free robux will quickly be credited to your account.

Game Passes


This method is not for everyone – only if your card has actually become popular. It seems to us that this is the easiest way to get 1,000,000 robux. You can sell Game Pass for your Roblox game!

With the Game Pass, fans of your map will be able to benefit from you in a special way. The coolest thing is that it is you who choose which promotion to give out! You can let your premium players fly, teleport, speed up, and more. You can get a million robux for free very quickly if you make an interesting Game Pass.

The most important thing is to find a balance between cost and benefits. The bonus that the player will receive should not introduce an imbalance into the game. At the same time, it needs to be made tangible for fans to want to pay for it.

Roblox Premium


Roblox Premium is a way to get free robux, but you have to pay for this. How it works? Now let’s give a simple instruction:

  1. You pay for Premium. Together with him you get 450, 1,000 or even 2,200 Robux per month – which is already nice!
  2. In addition, Roblox gives the fan access to special privileges, for example to the marketplace. It is she who will help you get free robux without investment.
  3. On the trading platform, you can sell all the items you don’t need… This will already increase your reserves of game currency! But we shouldn’t stop there.
  4. After purchasing a premium, the player gets the opportunity sell your own skins and accessories! All earned robux will be transferred to his account.
  5. Another nice bonus: 10% off any Robux purchased directly from the game store
Monthly payment $ 4.99 9.99 dollars $ 19.99
Monthly payment 450 1000 2200
Bonus opportunities 10% more Robux when purchased in the game store
Get access to additional features (buying, selling, trading on the marketplace)

How to make money with skins?


If you are not strong in programming, but well versed in fashion and design, then you can make money on the marketplace! At this location, Roblox enables its premium players to sell and buy various skins and accessories. By developing your own product, you can farm a bunch of game currencies!

Even for an average design, you can get 400 robux, or even more. The most important thing is to let your imagination run wild and understand what people want. If you see that there are many users with wings in the game right now – try to make your own version of this accessory, but more creative

Third Party Applications


There is another simple method of making money in Roblox. Free robux is issued in special mobile applications. However, you need to be careful with them, because not all of them work honestly. Fraudsters also often try to use such applications for their own purposes. They offer to get robuxes to the account, but in reality they just steal passwords.

The right apps work simply: you need to watch ads in them. For each ad view, the internal currency is issued (for example, coins), or immediately robuxes. After that, from the application, you can withdraw Robux to your account in the game.

There is no deception here – after all, the author of the application receives money for the fact that you watch his ad. In fact, he pays robux for you using these funds.

Warning! Scammers do not sleep


Roblox main site warns! Robux can only be obtained with real money. But this is not entirely true – in the article we showed some legal methods on how to get robuxes without spending money. However, all the ways not to pay for in-game currency are already provided by the developers! And here are the most popular fraud schemes:

  • Cheats and codes. Since this is an online game, you cannot cheat in it! For using the codes, you can not only lose all your robuxes, but also your account with skins and other honestly earned property.
  • Some services offer to earn robux per survey… This is also a separate type of fraud. Thus, thieves try to get the logins and passwords of their victims. Do not participate in such surveys, they will not give you the opportunity to pick up 400 robux for free.
  • All offers “Gift Robux” – this is a lie. In this way, scammers try to get hold of your username and password from your account in order to sell it later.

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