• September 30, 2023

how to get New Year skins for free?

Will Christmas decorations appear on cards and characters? Here’s what InnerSloth said about the upcoming holidays and how they will impact the game.

Among Us

As the year draws to a close, more people are decorating their homes and putting on New Year’s decorations. Among Uswill probably join in this festive fun. Some may have noticed that other players already have seasonal hats and skins – they got these items in a special way. We know how to access these items and when the official New Year decorations will appear on maps in 2020.

Those who played the game from InnerSloth during Halloween must have noticed that in addition to bat wings and witch hats for the characters, the cards were also adorned with eerie decor. The New Year in Among Us is likely to be similar this year. Some players already have access to holiday hats, which they got through time travel. However, as the winter holidays approach, this props will become available to everyone.

How does time travel work?

Among Us

To time travel in Among Us, PC players must set the date and time of their computer through the taskbar. This requires:

  1. Disable the “set time automatically” function;
  2. Enter the date “December 24, 2018” and the time “12:15”.
  3. Save changes.

After that, the store will have access to a huge assortment of various New Year’s decorations.

Mobile users can also do this in their settings. Sometimes it takes several tries before this works. Once the hats appear, users can change the date and time back.

So what new holiday treats can players expect this year? Victoria Tran, a new employee of InnerSloth, recently teased fans with her line: “There will be a lot of news in December.”

When will Among Us have Christmas card decorations?

Among Us

Although players specifically travel back in time right before the winter holidays to get themed hats, there is a good chance that the holiday decorations will arrive early. If InnerSloth will celebrate New Year in the game in the same way as Halloween was celebrated before, then decorations on the card may appear at least two weeks before the holidays. Considering that the game was created in America, and their winter holidays begin on December 25, expect new decor and hats around December 11th.

Since the winter holidays are the largest weekend of the year, it is highly likely that Seasonal decorations may appear as early as December 1st or during the first week of December 2020. It could be colored, twinkling lights appearing on the walls of the cards, or even a tree in the corner of the room. There has been no official announcement from InnerSloth on what holiday changes will take place and that’s speculation based solely on previous trends.

However, a tease from the developer indicates that there are many interesting updates ahead of us. Since the new map has already been released, we are confident that Fans of Among Us will soon know for sure what the festive changes are coming to their favorite game

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