• March 4, 2024

How to get Purity Fox (Gift of Vesiphona) in WoW: Shadowlands?

There are many treasures available in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, both hidden and available at any time. After reaching level 60, players can choose a Covenant for their character. Each of them has its own purpose and its own territory. Finding hidden treasures in all areas will contribute to the achievement that players can earn in locations such as Treasures of Ardenweald, Treasures of the Bastion, Treasures of Revendreth and Treasures of Maldraxus.

To earn the achievement Bastion Treasure – Home of the Kirian Covenant, players must find 15 hidden gems. The treasure “Gift of Vesiphona” is one of them and requires ascent to the Top of Purity and the accompanying cleaning of the territory. As a reward, users can expect to receive a battle pet – the Purity fox cub.

How to get Purity – Battle Pet in Shadowlands

Although players can visit the Bastion up to level 60, it will only be possible to go after the Gift of Vesiphona after reaching the maximum level. The required location is located at coordinates 64.9, 71.1, east of the Challenger’s Rest. There, players will climb the Peak of Purity tower.

Players will encounter elite mobs near and inside the tower. Many of them can be simply run on top of the mount, but to access the treasure in the back, you have to fight the main boss. Fortunately, there are no other mobs here, and no one will interfere with the final duel.

Once the boss is defeated, you can run up the stairs and freely reach the treasure chest of the Gift of Vesiphona. There are two cleansing bells next to the box. You will need to call any of them and defeat the emerging mob. After that, you need to stand under the waterfall in front of the chest to get the “Proof of Purity” buff.

With an active buff, you can loot a chest in which players will find a battle pet – Purity, as well as gold and several random items of equipment.

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