• November 29, 2023

How to get the fastest car in Cyberpunk 2077

Cars in the world of Cyberpunk 2077 are not only a means of transportation across locations, but also an opportunity to enjoy crazy high-speed driving, if, of course, your virtual driving skills allow you to do it with impunity. However, the fastest car, known as the Rayfield Caliburn and a real demon of speed among all the vehicles in the game, cannot be found on the streets of Knight City. And yet it is not difficult to become its owner. Our guide will show you how to find a given vehicle.

Where to find Rayfield Caliburn

First, you need to complete the Ghost Town main story mission. After that, a cave will be available next to the Badlands. She is on a secluded road near the Sunset Motel, located on the far right corner of the map. The car appears only a few in-game days after you have completed the “Ghost Town” quest, so before you hit the road, you need to spend this time doing other activities in the game, or rewind it. For the second option, you just need to go to the H10 Megatower fast travel point and go to bed in the apartment – after sleep, the time is shifted six hours ahead.

Once inside the cave, you will find the magnificent Rayfield Caliburn in a transport container to the right, just outside the central cave areas. There will also be several rare crafting components behind it. The car has the best performance in Cyberpunk 2077: it can accelerate to its top speed of 339 kilometers per hour in just 15 seconds. 1660 horsepower is hidden under the hood of this glamorous monster. With it, you can easily break away from almost any chase and in a matter of minutes get to the destination you need.

After you pick up the car, you will receive a notification about the purchase of a new vehicle. It is now stored in your garage and is available for quick access at any time.

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