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How to hide a card in Sberbank online and restore visibility to it?

The developers of the Sberbank Online application regularly add new features and capabilities for customers. One of these is managing the display of accounts and cards. What does it mean to hide a product in Sberbank and how to do it, we will tell you below.

What does a hidden card mean in Sberbank online?

Sberbank Online offers customers to customize the visibility of products. This means that you can hide the card and it will no longer be displayed in your personal account. In addition, it will not be visible in terminals and ATMs.

Sometimes they resort to hiding their card or account if they do not want their friends or relatives to find out about the presence of another plastic. In addition, such a procedure helps to protect yourself in the event that the phone with the bank’s mobile application was stolen or lost. In this case, attackers simply will not be able to write off funds from the account. Also, hiding is done just for convenience, so that unused cards do not constantly flash in front of your eyes. This helps to eliminate the risk of accidental payment for the goods not from your debit card, but from credit funds.

How to hide a card in Sberbank?

How to hide a card in Sberbank on the official website? To do this, first of all, you need to go to your personal account and enter your account under your data. After authorization, you need to click “Settings” in the menu or by clicking on the “Gears” icon. After that it is necessary:

  1. In the left menu, go to the “Security and Access” section.
  2. Open the item “Configure product visibility”.

  How to hide a card in Sberbank

  1. Choose a place where you want to hide an account or card: Sberbank online, mobile application, ATM or terminal.
  2. After that, you need to uncheck the box next to the product that is being hidden and save the changes.

  How to hide a card in Sberbank

Confirmation of the operation occurs via SMS, so you need to click on “Confirm by SMS” and enter the code from the received message.

  How to hide a card in Sberbank

Sometimes you need to hide a card that has expired or is simply no longer used so that it does not appear in the general list. This is also easy to do. This requires:

  1. Go to the “Configure Product Visibility” section and find the “Maps” drop-down list. After opening it, all existing plastics will appear.
  2. Remove the check marks from the accounts that need to be hidden and confirm the action with the code from the SMS message.

  How to hide a card in Sberbank

After that, unnecessary maps will no longer be displayed. If the client wants to completely remove the account from the application, you need to contact the bank branch with a passport.

Why is the card hidden in Sberbank online, although he himself did not do it?

Sometimes the user can see that his card is not displayed in Sberbank Online, but he has not changed the settings himself. In this case, the inscription “You have 1 hidden card Sberbank” appears. There may be several reasons for this:

  • the card has been blocked;
  • plastic was rarely used and it was hidden automatically.

The card could be blocked due to confusion during the issuance of various accounts for different person data. Often this can be encountered when changing a surname or changing a passport. In this case, it is important to immediately contact the bank branch and confirm the new personal data.

Another reason that a hidden card has appeared in the Sberbank application is the absence of an agreement for servicing individuals. To fix this, you must also visit the bank branch, confirm your details and sign a new agreement.

How to return a hidden card to Sberbank?

To display a hidden card, you need to enter your personal account, go to “Settings”, and then to “Security”. In the “Security Settings” item, select “Restore Product Display”. In the window that opens, check the box next to the card or account that you want to restore. As in other cases, the action should be confirmed with the SMS code. Also in this section you can always see which plastic was hidden.

The excellent functionality of Sberbank Online allows you to customize the visibility of accounts and cards at the user’s discretion. Unnecessary plastic can be hidden in just a couple and it is most convenient to do this through the site.

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